“Your entryway should make you smile and feel like a great big hug welcoming you home.”~Kathleen Ellis

I believe it is always important to create a warm & welcoming entryway with a touch of elegance. Your entryway is your home’s 1st impression. It is what you and your guests see first! Spring is the perfect time to refresh & rejuvenate your entryway….making it a breath of fresh air for all to see.

14 Easy Ways for You to Create Your Own Elegant Entryway

Let’s start outside…

1) Get some inspiration! Look through books & magazines, drive through neighborhoods to find some inspiring ideas that speak to your heart! A sunny yellow door or perhaps a bold red door… urns full of geraniums or a beautiful wreath.

2) Pick a style. Select a door that suits the style of your home. No one says you have to have a door that looks like all the others in the neighborhood! Read about my long awaited front door here.

3) Color your world! Many people paint their front door the same color as the trim when in fact it is much more interesting and personalized to select a color that either compliments or contrasts with your trim color.

4) Adornment. Sometimes a door has built in adornment such as stained glass or ironwork, as is the case with my front door. When your door does not have such features you can add the adornment in the form of a beautiful wreath or swag. Mary Carol Garrity owner of Nell Hill’s in Kansas uses a mirror on her door complete with candles and flowers. The key is selecting something that reflects your sense of style and the season.

5) Scale is essential. Be sure that whatever adornment you select whether it is on the front door, along the walkway or on the landing, that it is large enough to be seen from the street (unless of course your home is ½ mile away!). Many make the mistake of adding adornments that are way too small for the size of the home, door, etc. If in doubt… go bigger!

6) Practical & Pretty. Remember to include a good quality mat at the door to catch some of the dirt on the way in. Lighting also falls into this category, again keeping style and scale in mind, look for lighting that compliments your home and gives an adequate amount of light for safety.

Now let’s move inside…

7) Clutter free zone! Nothing says welcome more than an open & airy entryway. This is the one space to diligently keep clear of clutter.

8) Shed some light on it. In addition to a beautiful ceiling fixture, suited to the style of your décor, a table lamp will give you a softer glow when you need just a little light or want lighting more for ambiance.

9) Beauty & conversation. Include a beautiful piece of artwork and/or a mirror in your entryway. Beautiful artwork is always good for conversation and enjoyment….choose something that makes you smile or dream of a faraway place! A mirror is practical, too, so you can check your hair (or teeth) before you open the door. It will also reflect the light in the area making it appear larger and brighter.

10) Hold it! Include a table or a good size shelf if space is tight, in your entry to keep your lamp on and to use for keys, mail, etc.

11) Catch it! Another rug inside the door will catch another layer of dirt and keep it from being tracked in and ruining your floors. This rug can certainly be decorative with a pattern but it should be highly durable and a darker color or pattern to camouflage dirt. My personal choice is a wool oriental with a colorful pattern that brings together the colors from the adjoining rooms.

12) Soft scents. A softly fragranced candle or bowl of potpourri assures your visitors are greeted with a most pleasant aroma. If you use a scented candle, light it an hour or so before your guests arrive and distinguish it about 20 minutes before their arrival so the scent is not overpowering.

13) Fresh flowers! The entryway is the perfect spot for a vase of fresh flowers or a beautiful live plant. Flowers are one of those little details that never go unnoticed.

14) Hang it up! Be sure to have a place to hang coats. Not every entryway has a coat closet but if yours does be sure to keep it neat and uncluttered. Purchase a dozen matching hangers specifically for this closet…add a lavender sachet to keep it fresh. If you don’t have a closet use a free standing coat rack or a few ornamental coat hooks. Leave this space free for your guest’s coats.

Whether your entryway is small & cozy, almost non-existent or nice & roomy…you can easily incorporate any or all of these ideas to create a beautiful, warm & welcoming entryway with a touch of elegance that reflects your unique sense of style. Be inspired, take the ideas and make them your own. There’s nothing like walking up to an entryway that makes you smile & feels like a great big hug welcoming you home!

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Kathleen Ellis, Lifestyle Designer, decorator, speaker, writer and TV personality, specializes in teaching you how to create a life of TOTAL BEAUTY which includes Inner Beauty, Outer Beauty and Surrounding Beauty. Kathleen believes your unique sense of style should be reflected in your life choices & mindset, your wardrobe and your home. She is an expert at motivating and inspiring you to create the Beautiful Life you dream of and to bloom into the Beautiful Woman you were created to be.
For 5 years, she was the featured lifestyle expert on CBS affiliate WHP-TV in Harrisburg, PA. As a successful Interior Decorator for over 14 years, she has been featured in several publications including Romantic Homes, Chesapeake Home, Central PA and Harrisburg magazines. Kathleen enjoys sharing her passion for creating romance, beauty and elegance in every area of life. Kathleen presents workshops on various Lifestyle topics. Kathleen inspires and motivates her audience to dream and to step out of the box to make those dreams come true. For more Totally Beautiful Lifestyle ideas I'd like to invite you to sign up for my free monthly newsletter at kathleenellis.blogspot.com Once a month you'll receive Beautiful, Easy, Elegant and Romantic ideas for decorating, entertaining and living a Totally Beautiful Lifestyle.