Come back to love is a daily practice....actually it's a moment-to-month practice.

Every day, I have taken on these 14 beliefs and practices that support me in coming back to love at any time, in every moment....even when it's hard.

Our tantra practice is helpful, too, of course! I invite you to join me in the 14 ways I practice Come Back To Love every day.

Here they are: 14 Ways to Come Back to Love™ every day (read them slowly)

  1. Treat others exactly how you want to be treated (even when you think they treat you poorly).
  2. Hold EVERYONE as the hugest vision of themselves no matter what.
    Never use the words "never" or "always" ;-)
  3. Assume the person who hurt you was doing the best they could do in that moment.
  4. Remember that every single thing that happens is for your highest good.
  5. Love what is; exactly as it is.
  6. There's another side to every story; and then another side to that one.
  7. Offer a loving, open-hearted perspective when your friend can't find hers.
  8. Don't participate in gossip.
  9. Wake up every morning and ask God what her intention is for today (for you).
  10. Listen to your intuition (your heart) and let go of doubt.
  11. Pray to remove the obstacles to loving.

It's easy to love those you consider lovable - now consciously and clearly choose to love those you tell yourself you couldn't possibly love.
Find and use the resources you need to attain the health, wealth, relationship, work goal, etc. that you want. In other words, allow yourself to RECEIVE.

Author's Bio: 

Robyn Vogel is a Psycho​therapist, Certified Sex Coach and sex educator, and creator of, where she marries traditional, spiritual and energetic methods to teach men and women how to master the energetics of intimacy and Come Back to Love™.

Robyn works with individuals and couples who are struggling with intimacy, feeling lost around love, and deeply crave purposeful and passionate connection. For 15 years she's been teaching and practicing Tantra as a foundational spiritual practice that grounds her clients from within, removes obstacles to loving deeply and teaches all aspects of healthy sustainable intimate relationship.