As an entrepreneur, you're prepared for any and everything to come your way. That means stocking up on items that you need to carry with you every day from meetings to the office to working from home. But what exactly are these essentials?

We’re diving into the 15 items that every entrepreneur should own (and carry nearby). As the holiday season is approaching, there’s no better time to celebrate your success and wins, or that of your fellow entrepreneurs, with these must-haves:

1. Blue Light Blocking Glasses 
2. Magnetic White Board
3. Vistaprint Business Cards
4. Bluetooth Waterproof High-Quality Headphones
5. Back Cushion
6. Fast Wireless Charger
7. Stress Relief Essential Oils
8. Hand Therapy Exercise Stress Balls
9. Adjustable Laptop Stand 
10. Smart Watch
11. Hardcover Notebook
12. External Battery Charger
13. PILOT G2 Rolling Ball Gel Pens
14. Universal Plug Adapters
15. File Folder

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