The characteristic of any successful sales or marketing manager is leadership. Managers have to understand things correctly and make quick decisions, they have to co-ordinate each and every one under them and to constantly report it to higher-officials, they are the most prominent person responsible for every good and bad things happening in the company. Apply now for a Sales and Marketing job click here

Readiness to learn : Things and strategies change by day, so you must be better prepared.
Punctuality and time management: Remember, for those below you, you are a role model and for those above you, you are an example to show.
Commitment – They are willing to apply themselves to achieve a goal or to work for a cause. They take their jobs seriously and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for their prospects and customers.
Initiative – They are self-starters with a desire to excel. They want to be in charge and are willing to work hard to achieve success.
Integrity – They refuse to compromise their values. If there’s only one right way to do a job, that’s the way they insist that it be done. They are honest with themselves and with their prospects and customers.
Confidence: Many times most managers make wrong decisions. But the boldness and confidence in their decisions make those successful.
Ability and patience to talk and to listen: it is the basic qualities required for coordinating processes and persons and for understanding things.
Perspective – They understand the big picture. They know how to shift perspective from the details of the sale at hand to the impact on the organization as a whole.
Sense of order – They can walk into a chaotic situation, quickly scan it and impose order. As a result, sales goals are clarified and more easily obtained.
Willingness to take risks – They have a strong self-image. If they take risks and come up short, they don’t let their world fall apart. They’re willing to accept the responsibility that risk-taking entails.
Sense of humor – They aren’t afraid to laugh at themselves from time to time or to point out the humor in otherwise discouraging situations. This keeps up their morale and motivation.
Human relations skills – They recognize that intuition, curiosity and sensitivity to customers are essential to effective sales leadership.
A good mind – We’re not just talking about IQ here. Successful sales leaders have the type of mind that can sort out complex situations in a logical and analytical manner.
Open attitude toward change – They aren’t set in their ways. They listen to their customers and prospects to find better ways of selling products and services.
A positive outlook – They focus on the positive rather than the negative. They know how to keep their sales up despite the economy or competition.

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