If your to-do list feels endless and you’re drowning in work, you’re not alone. So many of us as small business owners feel that way. And yet often, we don’t seek support because the perception is that it eats away at our profits.

I see over and over again with my clients that the opposite is true. The more they free up their own time to do the important work that only they can do, the more work gets done efficiently, and the more profits they make.

So it’s time to stop drowning. Here are 15 tasks you probably do now that you could easily outsource to a VA, get the same quality results, free up your time, and earn more money.

1. Posting on Facebook – How much time do you fritter away managing your social media each month? A VA can handle that in a fraction of the time, and focus outcomes on growing your followers and increasing shares.
2. Editing short videos or audio files – Creating an opt-in video series? A VA can edit the videos and set them up so you get tons of new opt-ins. The same goes for audio products or even videos to post on your blog.
3. Creating images to share – Adding images to blog posts, tweets, and postings increases the chances of them being shared, liked, and even getting new followers, so ask your VA to whip up a few quick ones.
4. Refining your about page – When was the last time you took a keen eye to that baby? Ask a copywriter VA to give it a good edit with a strong Call to Action, like opting in to your email list.
5. Create a cover for a free report – Or better yet… create coordinating covers for all of your materials, which will make you look like a big deal (even though you did it on a small budget).
6. Repurpose old blog posts – If you have 200 old blog posts sitting on your blog and you’re still writing new stuff from scratch each week, good for you. But are you using that time well? What if you repurposed every other week using content from a few years back?
7. Define your graphic style – Do you have an iconic style? A good designer VA can create one for you, which helps you to stand out in your niche.
8. Customer service – If you’re spending your time arranging meetings with clients and fulfilling orders, it seems productive because those are money-making activities. But they are easy for someone else to do with very little training, so this is an easy one to check off your to do list and add to someone else’s.
9. Establishing a social strategy – If you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere with social media, it’s time to put a successful strategy in place so your precious resources aren’t wasted there.
10. Update your plug-ins – Are you falling asleep after reading that? A tech can do this quickly, and it will make your website run more smoothly.
11. Clean up your email inbox – This is one of the things my VA’s do for clients that have them screaming, “Thank you!!!” A clean, organized inbox is a calm mind. And no, a good VA won’t just delete your emails!
12. Set up A/B testing – Wondering if your sales page is optimized? Testing is a key to increasing profits, and a tech VA can set tests up easily.
13. Establishing a sales funnel – If you’ve known you need a funnel for months and months now, but keep putting it off because it seems so complicated, welcome to the club. :) It’s time to outsource it because it’s easier than it seems and increases your revenue.
14. Setting up your newsletters – A great VA can even write the letter from you in your voice! This is a no brainer because experienced VA’s do this quickly.
15. Running Facebook ads – Awesome VA’s can take over this entire task, from coming up with images and copy, to testing demographics, to designing the landing pages they send traffic to.

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