Speaking in front of a group is feared more than death, illness, or poverty. It is the number one fear for most people. Here are
some helpful tips to help you.

1. Listen to your internal dialog.

2. Visualize a positive out come.

3. It's not all your fault.

4. Do you believe in your message, do you have something to say?

5. Look at your audience as an extension of your family.

6. Prepare a good introduction and conclusion. Open with impact, close with direction.

7. Be Natural.

8. Tape Yourself.

9. The audience want speakers who are believable, dynamic, comfortable, enthusiastic, knowledgeable, uses humor.

10. A good speaker leaves the audience hungry for more. Stimulate them to action.

11. Over dress.

12. Read your audience's reaction. Learn to dance with them. You lead, they will follow.

13. Ask for angled or curved seating, so the audience can see each other's reactions.

14. Your audience will best remember the first and last things you discuss, plus those which are outstanding, relevant, and repeated.

15. FOR A SHORT SPEECH: Identify your topic. Write the conclusion you want to reach. Write your attention getting opening. Choose 3 key points you want to make. Find or create a story or illustration that proves each point. Add linkage to bridge the gap between (transitions).

Fear results from too much thinking. We generate fear while we sit. We overcome fears by acting. Fear is nature's warning to
get busy. Believing in yourself is another key.

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Author's Bio: 

With 8 years of teaching and 15 years in Toastmasters, Kathy Thompson really enjoys the platform. She has a B. S. in Business Communications and has taught her programs around the country at various businesses and Adult Education Centers.

Writing has been a passion all her life, and she loves to write non-fiction and fiction. Her works have been published on-line and off.

She writes and speaks about Health, Personal Communications (writing & speaking), and her unique specialty of "Face Reading" has brought her plenty of media attention.

Kathy's goal is to help you be all you can be and reach your potential.