The determinant of where you are in life today and where you are going tomorrow is you. Blaming other people for your misfortune can never bring a way to your solution. Instead start today to examine yourself and give corrections to the way you live it. Life is all about give and take; having an attractive personality will help you to sell your way through life. Whatever profession you have chosen in life, no matter the amount of education you have acquired, you are still at the risk of failing if you don’t have an attractive personality to work your way through life. It is necessary for you to develop and maintain an attractive personality and the 15 characters discussed below will help you to achieve this.

With these traits you are welcome into the home of achievers!!!

1. Develop and maintain a positive mental attitude toward yourself and the people you come into contact with in your everyday life. This will help maximize the power of your mind, grow your imagination and enhance your co-operation with people unlike in a situation where a man exhibits a negative mental attitude.

2. People likes to deal with sincere persons as friends, partners, clients, colleagues or any other form of human relation. If you are being insincere to people, you are out rightly waving them off and thereby limiting yourself from entering the home of achievers.

3. Deal with people with keen sense of justice. This will not only attract people to you but also opens doors of opportunities for you in your career.

4. Believing in your self and in God your creator. This will give you a power to use your mind and imaginations to greater achievements.

5. There is an adage that says that if cunning man die, a cunning man will burry him. You need to be frank with people when speaking with them. Let your “yes” be “yes” and “no” be “no”.

6. Be the type of person that makes decision quickly when the changing conditions of life demands it. There is this preacher who uses to say that if you have not decided on an issue, you have only decided not to decide. Time moves fast in this changing life and men who play around are thrown off.

7. One of the important traits you should add to your life is the ability to be flexible and open minded. Be flexible enough to adapt to new conditions of life, accept new ideas and don’t let your self to be thrown off by the winds of change.

8. It is important to respect other people’s feelings. Don’t be selfish in dealing with people anywhere and extend a helping hand where it is needed. Courtesy is the watch word.

9. Be the type that say or do the right thing at the right time. As a Christian, as I read the book of Esther in the bible. I respect her for her use of this character “tactfulness” in approaching the king which saved the people of Israel from danger and made her a heroine. You should know when to talk and when silence is needed in relating with people.

10. Do you know that by looking at your face and listening to the tone of your voice people can tell what you have in your mind? Be aware of this fact and present your self in a way to convey the right knowledge you actually want to pass across. Form the habit of smiling because it draws people to you.

11. Don’t be too serious with life but add a sense of humor to spice your life.

12. Those who can be able to control their emotions can go far in life. There are negative emotions and positive emotions. You should be able to get rid of negative emotions and make good use of positive emotions to be able to enter the home of achievers.

13. There is power in spoken word. You put yourself in great advantage if you are able to use words properly. One thing is to have an idea and another to be able to portray the idea to others in convincing words. You can start day-to-day practice of use of words by speaking convincingly when talking to your friends or families. Yes try selling your ideas or opinion to them.

14. Know it today that if you are the type that hates everybody around you, everyone around you will also hate you. You need to develop keen interest in people knowing that we are all special in our own different ways. God made us for different purpose so you don’t need to look down on others. Develop a genuine fondness for people.

15. Finally, you need to be an attractive package that is be able to combine all other traits discussed above.

“Good showmanship is the ability to combine facial expression, tone of voice, appropriate personal adornment, choice of words, effective speech, control of emotions, versatility, mental attitude, sense of humor and tactfulness, in such a manner as to dramatize any circumstances or occasion, so as to attract favorable attention.” CARNEGIE

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