Every Internet business, regardless of what it is looking for, is followed by increased traffic and conversion rates. This rule applies to stores as well. The increase in the sales of the online store has always been one of the biggest concerns of the managers of these stores, and every day, with the growing world of the Web in the lives of people compete in this area, this concern becomes more pronounced.

Therefore, in this article, we are going to provide information to increase the sales of the store, so that you can use it to implement the approach and approach you want. To this end, we have a brief overview of existing marketing practices, including tools and ideas that have an impact on e-commerce. These ideas range from a broad range: from uninterrupted purchases to increased sales of products, and the provision of services to customers who are already familiar with a specific company, and further details will be provided in each article.

We suggest that you take one of these ideas every day in the next few weeks, and on the last day, check the new figures and see which of the methods and ideas you are using have a better result. It has led to more sales.

What is the purpose of e-commerce marketing?

It's better to start the story from its foundation, and first of all, to define e-commerce: e-commerce marketing means using advertising methods to increase  targeted web traffic in the Internet business and turning this traffic into customers who intend to buy a product Or receiving services (as well as ensuring that customers remain and re-purchasing them).

In order to plan a comprehensive program for e-commerce marketing, in addition to the marketing methods performed on the website itself, the methods out of it should also be examined. If the planned program is sufficiently well-suited, it can result in better brand recognition, increased customer loyalty and ultimately increased internet sales.

You can also use your e-commerce business to introduce your own business, or to increase the sales of a product using it. In the following, we will introduce you to ideas that will help you better understand the subject and its application. Stay with us.

Solutions to increase sales in the online store

The first idea: selling out products

The term "hypermarket" may be unfamiliar to you, so first of all, it's better to say a simple definition: hypermarkets are in fact the approach to which a product is sold to the customer, which is slightly more valuable than the product of the fashion customer itself He has considered.

In many businesses, wholesaling, in contrast to attracting new customers, can bring far better results. Sometimes it may happen that business customers are not particularly aware of the availability of a more valuable product, or maybe they are aware of the product, but more information is needed to convince and buy the product. For example, consider these questions: Is (at least) one of your products made with more quality leather? Or do you have a product that has one of its components? Every business has such products, and it is better to emphasize such differences (albeit in the face of time and circumstances), and the customer's opinion about his request for updating the product.

When you use hypermarkets to increase your online store sales, you need to consider two basic issues:

  • Make sure your bestseller is relevant to the original product (or products).
  • Show sensitivity to the price that your customers are likely to expect.

The price you consider for your product should be in line with the basic needs of the customer, and when the basic price is defined for the customer, it is unlikely to react to the price increase. The base price is most often the same as the customer sees for the first time and measures it for the price of other products, so the new product you introduce to the customer (the product that is intended for the retailer) should be much better. From the original product, the customer will be charged below the extra charge.

If you have a computer or laptop experience, you probably have come across that, after choosing the product model you want, it will usually show you the upgraded vendor for the product (which is the same over-the-counter policy), or accessories and components An available side for your product (which is a side purchase policy).

Second Idea: Effective Use of Instagram

Instagram currently has over 500 million users every day, which is why it is considered one of the most significant and most popular social networking applications that can connect customers and brands.

If you take attractive photos from your products, use the hashtags to properly plan and eventually post the exact timeline on the Instagram, then you can hope to increase the number of people who follow your products and you will get traffic from Instagram. Remember to get the attention of your followers to have an effective presence on Instagram.

But how can Instagram attract attention of the audience? There are several ways to do this: you can consider competitive programs for your followers or provide them with information about how you build your products or the backend of a campaign.

You can get more ways to do this by paying a certain fee on Instagram. In the field of e-commerce marketing, you can add information about your products to Instagram posts and stories and provide direct purchases by followers. This method is one of the keyways to increase the sales of online stores.

Third Idea: Reduced Shopping Baskets


Every time your customer leaves your cart and does not complete the purchase process, it will be a disaster for your business. Due to its high importance, this phenomenon has been carefully studied. What happens currently is that the user adds several products to his shopping cart but regrets the final stages of the purchase and abandons it completely. According to statistics released on this issue, 69.23% of shopping baskets are released in this form. This percentage is significant, and it is necessary to decide to reduce it. Perhaps a reminder or something like this can be difficult: for example, if your user receives a discount at the final stages of the purchase, the possibility of dropping his basket is much lower. This reminder can be done by email, notifications, or a rhythmic campaign. With rigging or re-targeting, your customer will be targeted after leaving his cart or showing a product of interest but did not buy website traffic and will be redirected to other sites on another site. This reminder will greatly increase the likelihood of that user purchasing. The online advertising platform for Yekta is the largest online rhythm marketing company in the country that sells brands such as discounters, djs, Camilo and more to increase their online store sales. You can also test your unique Rieger for free for one week.

Fourth Idea: Increasing the number of email subscribers

One of the most effective ways to sell products and repeat customer purchases is to use email marketing. According to a hit in 2015, roughly 17% of digital marketing costs are e-mailed, while this approach (email marketing) will account for 24% of final revenue.

Currently, the use of telegrams, Facebook, Twitter and other social networks has grown so high, and the audience may not notice much of the message they sent, but the email has not been sent yet and it can attract attention. It should be remembered that individuals are more interested in messages sent to their personal mailbox than social messages they see on social networks. Using this method has another advantage: In a message you send by email, you can post items that are not suitable for being on social networks.

The first step for effective use of email marketing is to increase the number of email subscribers that you have available by resorting to any features you have (sending newsletters, advertisements on blogs, etc.). In the screenshot below, you will see how your subscriber website increases your email subscription.

Fifth Idea: Improve and Improve Email Marketing Campaigns

Receiving and storing a few targeted email marketing addresses is not enough and, in order to be effective, you must send them emails with relevant content to your subscribers in a certain way. Here's a list of situations that are ideal for sending emails and good feedback from subscribers:

  • When the customer buys a product from your website, send him a welcome email;
  • For your subscribers, consider promotional codes and free gifts;
  • In a specific process, send your newsletter to your subscribers and inform them of discounts, company related news and other issues;
  • By providing relevant content, help your customers get the most out of the products they have recently purchased;
  • Take special offers for sales customers during the holidays (for example, they can get a free sample of a product by purchasing a product)
  • Do not forget the customers who buy the most from your products. For them, consider personalized messages and appreciate them for their purchases;
  • Ask your visitors to send you feedback. If someone rushed to your site, but did not buy a product, ask him about his experience of seeing your website. In this way, you can fix business problems and try to upgrade your activities.

Sixth idea: send an email to a wish list reminder

In this section, we plan to provide information on the latest type of email that you should include in the list of your marketing ideas: Mail reminders of interest list. This mail is like and closely related to the emails associated with the unlocked shopping baskets. Both emails are used to convince shoppers to take the final step and buy lost products.

Sending this email can be exciting and will be used as the last flip needed by the buyer and persuaded him to finalize the purchase process.

Seventh Idea: Facilitate Customer Access to Products

The poor design of a business website will ultimately lead to the loss of a part of the customer, but what exactly does such a site look like and how does it look?

In addition to insufficient design features to attract the trust of customers and visitors, such a website has other problems, such as the lack of specific suggestions for the value of the product, the complex font, and lack of proper customer orientation for its intended activities.

Of course, even after making sure that there are no problems, there may still be issues with website design that may be hidden from you, so it's better to consider these several questions: Do your products well Have you categorized or that every website page is full of different products? Is the use of text and images balanced on your website? Of course, these are just some of the questions you should consider, but it is enough to start troubleshooting and you can continue to work with an expert. Meanwhile, examining successful business websites and ideas for designing them can also be very fruitful. Want to really shine this summer?  Buy Alexa traffic to quickly and safely improve your Alexa ranking.  Join the ranks of successful businesses that understand just how easy it is to get results!  You'd be surprised how fast you can move the needle on a less-than-stellar Alexa ranking.  Why waits another month? 

Eighth Idea: Using the live chat system on the website

In addition to using email, there are other effective ways to increase effective communication with customers and website visitors. For example, you can use the live chat system.

There are various tools for using the Live Chat system on the website: for example, some of them work in a way that they send a message to them after a certain period of time, the presence of visitors on the website; others when the person through A newsletter posted to the website sends a message to her. The other advantage of the live chat system is that you can help them with their shopping activities and increase the likelihood of their purchase.

Idea ninth: The forecast of future product sales

If you have reached a stage in your business that can expand a particular product line, it's best to assess market demand first and see if this expansion is sufficiently profitable in the future. To ensure this, there are different approaches. Examples include keyword exploration, geo-validation, user interest in social networks, and more. In addition, you can start the process of pre-launching that product and decide on the future of your activities according to your orders.

For example, if you have three products that can expand their product line, design them all individually (remember to use quality images and convincing samples for all three products). Then activate the "nonexistent" option for all three products and see if the visitors and buyers of any of the three products send more request to return it to the inventory; the product that receives the most request is the one that should be its production line Expand

In the business of selling their shoes and clothing, there is a lot going on that the buyer's color or size does not come from a product, temporarily in stock.

Idea 10: Personalization of the product sales process

Personalization is another effective marketing method that leads to an increase in Internet sales. In this way, using information about how customers behave, their experience will be personalized to your website, and products will be shown to them with respect to issues such as past purchases and customer preferences.

According to published statistics, the process of purchasing personalization can be accompanied by a 10% increase in overall sales, but the fact is that increased sales by this method can be more than this, as only fifteen percent of commercial companies use this method to the maximum..

Another thing that can be considered when personalizing is the introduction of products based on customer location.

11th Idea: Consider the Buyers Spaces

Building material sellers are not the only ones who need to consider the buyer's spatial scope for sale. Businesses can use this approach to have a significant impact on how their e-commerce activities are progressing.

For example, a person living in relatively cool areas is more likely to buy a thicker and fitting clothing for his or her living space. To have good location information and to send personalized offers, you can use a variety of clutter-based ads, especially similar advertisements, which accurately provide personalization services based on geography, device used, Internet service provider, and more. Looking for the highest quality traffic that is keyword-driven from the major search engines and has the added benefit of boosting your Alexa ranking?  Look no further.  Buy targeted organic traffic and watch the results.  It's safe and easy, and considering all you get for it, it's a pretty good deal! 


To find a better understanding of how spatial coverage affects activities, it's best to consider the issue with the following:

  • Find out where your customers are most targeted and consider their ads for those areas. Keep in mind that special regional customers are more likely to buy what products they want and arrange their local events according to these desires (and, of course, about other behavioral indicators of customer spending)
  • If you have one or more warehouses, it is suggested to post special merchandise services (free shipping, discounted or quick) to send customers' goods that are within their reach. In this way, you and the active team in your business sector will be able to sell economically.

Idea Twelve: Considering a marketing program by content creation

Every business, regardless of what kind of activity, is required to systematically place content on its blog to communicate with its customers and gain a better rating in search engines. If you have set up a blog for your business, it's recommended that it be well exposed to the visitor's display on your business-related website. Keep in mind, however, that marketing by content creation is not limited to blogging. Here are some other guidelines for this purpose:

  • Set up podcasts to introduce your expertise in the field of work or to communicate more effectively with the audience;
  • Posting on other websites and blogs as guests to better understand the brand and the backlink refers to the time that links an internet page to another page and is one of the important features to improve SEO);
  • Taking content and guides to how to make the most of the products you buy.

Thirteenth Idea: Importance for Content Provided by Users

Another effective way to put business name in social circles is to cite content provided by users. Simply put, when your customer sees you, other regular people who are the same as themselves are buying their products, they will buy more of your product with confidence.

According to published statistics, 54% of customers trust reliance on opinions and feedback posted by other users, which is up to twenty percent, which rely on brand product descriptions.

The content provided by users can have different shapes. Technically, even the comment on a product is part of the content. One of the best ways to effectively use this method is to put images of customers who are using your products.

In the bamboo store you will find that there are customer comments in the product pages section.

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