“False Daisy also known as Eclipta alba is a powerful healing herb that works great for liver and kidney disease, it’s healing for dermatitis and eczema, helps with cancer, promotes hair growth, and it’s a great antimicrobial agent… and it’s been used for thousands of years without side effects.”

Where it Grows - This wonderful grows in India, Thailand, Brazil, and China, and is extensively used in Traditional Chinese Medicine and in Ayurvedic Medicine in India. And it also has common names such as Bhringraj, Karisalankanni, and Kehraj in India…and Han Lian Cao in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Lowers Cholesterol and Trigs - Studies have been done showing that taking False Daisy 3 times a day lowered their cholesterol and triglycerides. At the same time there was a large increase in Vitamin E and C in the bodies.

Cardiovascular Disease - False Daisy also increases blood flow to the coronary arteries.

Antimicrobial - False Daisy is a great antibacterial agent that kills E Coli and Staph infections.

Traditional Chinese Medicine - In TCM False Daisy or Han Lian Cao as it’s called is well known for treating liver and kidney deficiency, vomiting, premature gray hair, toning the knees and the waist, for strengthening kidney yin, and for treating traumatic bleeding.

Boosts Immunity - False Daisy also increases the number and efficiency of white blood cells kill invading microbes… thus increasing immunity. And False Daisy is a powerful antioxidant which also boosts immunity.

Lowers Blood Glucose - Studies also show that False Daisy lowers blood sugar levels making it important for those suffering from diabetes.

Oral Health - Gargling with fresh False Daisy juice promotes healthy gums, and gets rid of that white coated tongue that many people have.

Cancer - Studies in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology showed that False Daisy was able to kill cancer cells and stop it from spreading in laboratory tests.

Safe Insecticide - Studies in the journal Parasitology Research found that False Daisy was able to control mosquito larva propagation without any adverse effects on the environment.

Liver and Kidney Health - Studies show that False Daisy also helps with hepatitis, fatty liver disease, jaundice, and cirrhosis of the liver and improves kidney function. It protects the liver from harmful toxins via the natural healing agent ecliptine that also works as a good liver detoxing agent… and it promotes regeneration of liver cells.

Relaxing Agent - False Daisy also helps with stress by relaxing the body.

Improves Cognitive Function- False Daisy increases concentration, memory, and cognitive function because it contains powerful healing agents called wedelolactone, ecliptasaponin, and terpenoids.

Powerful Painkiller - False Daisy is also a powerful painkiller without any side effects like over the counter and prescribed medications have.

Urinary Tract Infections - False Daisy works well for healing UTI because it’s a great anti-microbial agent. Drink 4 oz of the fresh juice daily.

Powerful Antioxidant - False Daisy is a powerful antioxidant that prevents and repairs DNA damage.

Promotes Hair Growth - And False Daisy has been used for ages to promote hair growth and darken grey hair. In studies found in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology mice with genes for baldness were given False Daisy topically and hair started to grow.

Respiratory Infections - False Daisy is also great for respiratory infections. Drink 4 ounces of the fresh juice with a little sesame seed oil AM an PM.

Easy to Grow - A cutting of False Daisy will grow roots in a glass of water, then it can be transplanted to loamy rich soil with full sunlight. It grows fast and needs little attention… and in 3 months will be ready to harvest.

Forms - False Daisy can be found as plants, powders, pills, in capsules, and even oils for hair growth and skin problems. The leaves and stems are harvested for juice and for cooking, and the fresh cut plants can be dried and made into powders and capsules.

Used as Food - False Daisy is a great tasting green that can be added to rice, veggies, and lentils… and used in soups and stews. And cooked False Daisy still retains much of it’s healing qualities.

Dose - Most people recommend taking from 8 to 30 grams daily.

Side Effects - To date there have been no side effects when using False Daisy.

Finding - False Daisy can be asked for at your local health food store. It can also be found on-line and they have it on Amazon and other on-line retailers. And if you google “Buy Eclipta alba Seeds” you can also buy seeds to grow in your garden.

Dr. Paul Haider - Master Herbalist

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