Caribbean Calypso Beans and sometimes called Orca Beans or Yin Yang Beans are great food. They are easy to grow, and they taste a little bit like potatoes, and have a creamy texture like potato which is very interesting… plus they have lots of great health benefits. Calypso Beans are black and white and thus the nick name Orca Beans.

Where they Grow - Calypso Beans grow in the Caribbean, in Central America, the US, in Peru and other areas of South America.

Edible Raw - Calypso Beans are one of the few beans that are also edible raw in the green shell. Thus the whole green bean can be cut up and added to salads and other great dishes. But they can also be dried and used like any other cooking bean.

Low in Calories and Fat - Calypso Beans only contain about 290 calories for 4 oz and they are very low in fat… thus Calypso Beans are great weight loss food.

Lower Cholesterol – Calypso Beans have lots of great soluble and non soluble fiber that help lower cholesterol and triglycerides thus preventing heart disease, strokes, and cancer. Beans lower LDL or bad cholesterol.

Lower Blood Pressure – Because Calypso Beans don’t contain fats that are found in other types of protein like animal products, beans can lower your blood pressure. And they don’t cause the inflammation associated with animal protein that produces high blood pressure. And studies show that people who eat beans on a regular basis have lower blood pressure.

High in Antioxidants – Calypso Beans have lots of antioxidants, this means beans can boost our immune system and help prevent diseases such as auto-immune disease, colds, flues, cancer and more.

Lots of Great Fiber – Calypso Beans contain over 28 grams of fiber per serving – that’s a lot of fiber. And fiber is needed for creating a good environment for colon health.

Colon Health – Calypso Beans have lots of wonderful fiber that boost your immune system by creating a place for probiotic bacteria to grow. Thus keeping good bacteria working to keep you healthy and preventing bad bacteria from taking over and creating disease. Good colon health = good health… and eating Calypso Beans can reduce the risk of colon and rectal cancer.

Cancer – Calypso Beans contain protease inhibitor enzymes that prevent cancer. Thus eating beans on a regular basis is very important for cancer prevention. These beans contain phytonutrients such as coumenstrol, cinnamic acid, and secoisolariciresinol which all help to prevent cancer. And eating beans at least 2 to 4 times a week can lower your risk of breast and prostate cancer by almost 25%. – Great!

Heart Disease – A study at Tulane University shows that eating 4 servings of beans a week lowered the incidents of heart disease by more than 20%. Plus beans have lots of potassium and magnesium that help relax blood vessels and thus lower blood pressure… and help with water regulation too. And soybeans contain Nattokinase which actually can open up clogged arteries just as well as some of the enzymes that doctors use for heart attacks. And beans lower homocysteine levels thus lowering inflammation… thus preventing heart attacks.

Phytonutrients - And Calypso Beans contain phytonutrients (These nutrients are also found in chocolate, berries, and wine) that prevent the clumping together of platelets in the blood thus preventing heart attacks.

Stabilize Blood Sugar – Studies with beans show that the more beans a person eats the easier it is to control their blood sugar. Beans stabilize blood sugar because beans have a very low glycemic index, that means they break down into sugars very slowly… making them wonderful food for weight loss and diabetics.

And because beans lower blood pressure, it also means they prevent renal disease, because high blood pressure is one of the leading causes of kidney failure.

A study was done with wheat bran and beans, two different groups, at the end of study it was found that wheat bran lowered cholesterol and blood sugar. But the group that ate beans lowered blood sugar, cholesterol, and also lowered blood pressure! That was an unexpected result making beans very important for health… especially for diabetics.

Sustained Energy – Calypso Beans have good carbs that create lots of sustained energy… for long periods of time.

Allergies and Food Intolerances – People who eat Calypso Beans have a much lower incidence of food allergies and food intolerances… and beans can help with gluten intolerance too.

Constipation – Because Calypso Beans contain lots of fiber which is not soluble it provides bulk that allows food and waste to move through your digestive system correctly. People who eat beans weekly are rarely constipated.

Don’t Get Hungry– Calypso Beans have a low glycemic index with lots of fiber that fills a person up so they don’t get hungry. While meat breaks down quickly in the GI tract, Calypso Beans take a long time to break down thus preventing getting hungry.

Hemorrhoids – The more fiber a person has in his diet, the less straining a person has to do in order to defecate, and that means less problems with rectal hemorrhoids.

Isoflavones – Calypso Beans contain lots of isoflavones which are similar to estrogen that help to prevent heart disease, menopause symptoms, and prevent prostate cancer.

Calypso Beans Contain – Calypso Beans contain lots of B-Vitamins, potassium for heart health, magnesium for lowering blood pressure, zinc for boosting your immune system, copper and iron for preventing anemia, tryptophan for helping you to fall asleep, protein for muscles and enzymes, phosphorus for strong bones, molybdenum for preventing gastroesophageal cancer, and manganese for preventing osteoporosis, and they are cholesterol free, and almost totally fat free… but do contain some good fatty acids that help to prevent cancer and heart disease.

Growing - Calypso Beans can be grown in zones 3 to 11 and need at least 6 hours of full sunlight every day. They can be planted in the spring and the fall making them great source of food most of the year. Plant and water just like any other bean and in 90 days great tasting Calypso Beans will appear.

Using - If you google “Recipes for Calypso Beans” lots of great tasting recipes will come up. The green beans can be used just like any other green bean and the dried beans can be used like all other dried beans in casseroles, soups, stews, as a side dish and many other ways of using these delightful beans.

Finding - Calypso Beans can be ordered on-line, they can be found on Amazon, and they can be asked for at your local health food store.


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