The 1980s played a very important role in the fashion industry. In fact, it is during 1980s people started experimenting different looks. They started trying different color, fabrics and styles during that decade. 80s men and women also tried different hairstyles to look stylish. Some of the famous hairstyles for men in 80s include Jheri curls, hi-top fades, flattops and etc. Women in 80s use to try puffed-up hair styles, curls and etc. Both men and women in 1980s used some bright colors like pink, green, orange and bright yellow. Have a look below to know about the popular 80s costumes for women.

  • Animal Prints - Animal prints were extremely famous in 1980s. Most of the 80s pop singers, dancers and actors tried these animal prints especially the leopard print outfits for events and shows to look stylish.
  • Sequin - Sequin tank tops were very popular in 1980s. These sequin tank tops are famous even today and they are found everywhere these days. Most of the women choose these sequin tops for parties, clubs and pubs. Women in 80s used these sequin tops with leggings and sneakers. If you want to try something different then try a black jean pant with a sequin tank top. No doubt, you will definitely look outstanding in this 80s outfit.
  • Fishnet - Fishnet shirts, tights and body stockings are also pretty famous in 80s. Most of the 80s lady pop stars use to try these fishnet tights under the ripped jeans to look trendy. If you look at the pictures of 80s celebrities and their red carpet appearances, you will find most of them wearing fishnet hand gloves. The same trend is back now again. In fact, most of the celebrities these days are also trying these fishnet tights and hand gloves. If you want to try these fishnet tights then choose a neon color.
  • Power Suits - Most of the 80s women working in offices i.e. those who are at powerful positions used to wear these power suits. These suits were generally available in floral prints. The same floral print power suits are back in trend now. A lot of women these days are trying these power suits to look unique and stylish.
  • Mix ‘n’ Match Bold Prints - These mix ‘n’ match bold prints were also very popular in the 80s. Most of the women in 80s loved these outfits with these bold prints. These bold print outfits look perfect for get together parties, outing with friends and etc.

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