Are you aware that most start-up businesses fail within their first year of business? Why do you think that is? Well, the smartest business leaders have uncovered one of the major contributors to that failure.

People want to be shown the way!

Take for example an entrepreneur who's thinking of starting their own restaurant, with no assistance other than their determination to succeed. From the beginning, they are learning everything it takes to run their business but, while they are learning, their business is suffering. At this point, this is where most people hit a fork in the road, to either continue on or throw in the towel. Those that continue on will eventually make it, but only after a few years of breaking even. The others that choose to throw in the towel will never experience the taste of success.

Unfortunately, that's exactly what most start-ups do. They start a business without the know how of running a home business all while getting frustrated without any direction.

Now let's say there's an entrepreneur that wants to plug into a successful business model like network marketing, where you have the ability to use the power of leverage and plug into a duplicable system. What do you think their chances of success will be now?

Assuming that the entrepreneur plugs into the system of course, their chances of success are almost doubled. They have doubled their chances of success because they are being shown the way. And, when they show other entrepreneurs who join with them, they too are being shown the way. Therefore, everyone wins.

Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to! Use a proven business model that works and is easy to replicate. In essence, it's a shortcut to having a successful business.

Find any leader that is not doing this, then you have a recipe for instant failure. However, find a leader that is following this business concept, then you have, a recipe for success.

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Jerome Ratliff, from is a Wealth Builder, Independent Associate, and a creator of business systems for network marketing businesses. Jerome is a well known leader for sharing his "Building Your MLM Business System". Visit to learn how to implement your Business System.