Games are real stress busters and make us happy. But when it comes to compatibility, then sometimes we get failed due to the limitation of our devices hardware powers. Though we were living in an age of full tech world where we can get multiple alternatives to fulfill our desire and fantasy.

Ahh! I am not talking about loving making here. But here I am talking about the Fantasy, or we can say an excitement which only games can produce. It releases the happy hormones in our body which makes us more sustainable to complete our works during work or at any time.

And when it comes to gaming, mobile phone games are the best and easy to play, which can be your best stress buster option.

But your work policies don't allow you to surf mobile phones during work, or your phone does not support the game?

No worries, to compensate with the above problems, I come up with a small solution. Here I am bringing you two best android emulator for PC which can play any android games in your PC. And the best thing, I've self-prepared the list after experiencing multiple option and reviews. I bet you won't lose your interest anymore. So stay tuned and keep calm.

Wait! Have you noticed I've mentioned Mini Militia in my title?

If then, you must be thinking where the hell mini militia comes here. I must tell you, a mini-militia is the best Android game till now which I have ever played, and it has millions of audiences.

So what so special?

It's a multiplayer game which can be played even offline and online too. But the best part, you can connect up to 8 of your friends together from your workplace and play and stay connected.

Now if you permit, then I shall mention a list of 2 best emulators for Android games and apps.

Best Android Emulators for Playing Games on PC

1: Bluestack Android Emulator for PC

BlueStacks is an American technology company that produces the BlueStacks App Player and other cloud-based cross-platform products. The BlueStacks App Player is designed to enable Android applications to run on PCs running Microsoft Windows and Apple Macintosh - Source Wikipedia

Bluestack is the most popular android emulator which can be easily installed in PC and later you can enjoy playing mini militia game or any other without any issues. To download the bluestacks, you can click here and click on the download button over there.

Now when it comes to installation part, it might take a few minutes and sometimes an hour. Because the software is significant, and rest depends on internet speed. So before downloading the bluestacks in your PC make sure you must have a stable internet connection.

Download the best Android emulator in your PC now and start playing games on the go with ease.

Now moving to the next emulator and chasing the sea monster.

No sea monster isn't a game or emulator. I just said it randomly. Haha!

2: NOX Player

Sounds like a video player but no it is not a video player nor a music player but a giant who plays android apps and games quickly with ease. The Nox player engine is little different than the blue stacks. A little bit complicated but no worries you won't understand that much in the beginning.

Nox player does the same role here. The only difference it the player engine and the capabilities which push back this emulator to the second. If you are new, then you must start with blue stars and then move on to nox. Because one unique thing about nox player is macros.

Using macro you can make any game on automation with smart engine. Download the emulator now and feel the real android infrastructure experience.

So what are you waiting? Download any of the best android emulators from the above list and start playing android games in it right away. Also, if you have any suggestion for us and would like to share with everyone, then please share it. Thanks for staying. Have a great day.

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