In case you’re throwing a disco-themed party for your kids’ upcoming birthday, you should work hard enough to make it the buzz of the town. To throw a children’s party that has disco elements in it, you need to make sure that there is ample space for dancing as well as devices to play music. You could add some DIY features like microphones made up of cardboards and a disco ball with glitters – but that won’t be enough to make your kids get bouncing and grooving in the spirit of the party. Here are some fun game and activity ideas to get you started. You can go ‘bop till you drop’ with these amazingly engaging fun game ideas that will keep your kids entertained. Throw some dancing into the mix, and your kids’ disco party will be the next big thing in the town. 

Spot Light

To play this entertaining disco party game, you’ll be needing two persons on the standby – one would work the spotlight, and another would operate the music. Have the spotlight operator stand in the middle of the dance floor and shine a torchlight on the dancers. The spotlight guy should always keep the direction of the spotlight moving so that the dancer highlighted keeps changing. When the music operator stops the music, the spotlight holder should freeze, maintaining the light on the dancer that he was pointing at that time. This dancer will get eliminated. The game continues until the last of the dancers remain, and he or she would win the game. In another variant of the game, the dancer who gets the spotlight will have to come up to the centre of the dance floor and perform an unusual dance move for the crowd. This way, everyone gets involved in the fun, and no one sits out of the game.

Memory Moves

Memory moves are memory game but with dance moves. To participate, the kids should stand on the dance floor in a way that they form a circle. They should select one player among them who would begin the chain. The player steps into the centre of the dance floor and perform a dance move. Then the next player in line comes forward – he or she should repeat the dance move of the first participant and add a step to it. Then it is up to the next one to execute both the dance moves and add a third to the row. The game should continue in this way, with each participant repeating the dance moves performed before and adding one to the sequence – until one of the participants forgets the succession of all the steps. Then he or she is out of the game. The game continues in this fashion until we have a winner amongst us. 

You can also throw a few tricks to make the party more enjoyable, such as hiring a Children party entertainer in Melbourne. The party entertainer can be a joker, a fantasy character in a costume or a magician of sorts – who will be able to deliver fun content that your kids will love. 

If you are throwing a kids’ disco party in Melbourne, you should choose the 70’s classics that go with the disco theme. Have enough food for the party, send an invitation to guests at least a week before the party, and don’t let your kid know about the party. Make it a surprise, and make it one that your kid will love. 

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