One of the main reasons that makes some people believe that change is not possible is believing that their current behavior will remain the same simply because it have been there for a while.

The person who smokes might label himself a smoker and so make it harder to believe that he can change this bad habit.
The person who gets angry quickly might believe that he is bad tempered
And the person who lacks confidence might believe that its part of his personality

While in fact no one was born with false beliefs
With negative ideas about himself
Or with feelings of lack of confidence

You were born clean name and just as you were clean when you were born you can return back to this state by getting rid of the false beliefs you acquired

So actually when you are trying to build confidence you aren’t trying to do something that you have never done before but you are just trying to get back to the state you were In long ago.

Don’t ever fool yourself into believing that a change is not possible
You can be very and you can have a solid self confidence
Its completely possible

You interpret everything in a wrong way

Facial expressions
People’s reactions
The way someone treats you
Your conclusions

Are all subject to distortion
Biased assumptions could be the number one reason people lack self confidence
In order to become really confident you shouldn’t just learn how to fix your way of thinking but you should also learn how to fix your biased assumptions and conclusions

You must reply back to each assumption that has no basis
You must challenge conclusions that aren’t based on real evidence
You must discard any conclusion that is based on incomplete facts

You must dedicate few minutes each day to refute incorrect assumptions and to reply back to the arguments else the accumulation of these conclusions and assumptions will ruin your self confidence without you noticing.

The most dangerous change is the one that happens in the form of small chunks because a person never manages to notice that a change is happening.

Make sure you never allow your self confidence to decay without noticing

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