Don’t wake up accidentally, Wake up with a purpose!
Uninstall all social media: Facebook, Insta, Tiktok everything.
Understand this, it’s a trap.
Never fake maturity / depression on Social Media.
Chasing opposite sex is purely a waste of time.
Never waste time. A second less does not make an hour. Time is everything, everything is time.
College degree is a must. Complete your education. Don’t drop out of college unless you have enough calculated risks.
Read the book “Think and Grow Rich”.
Adopt the Carnegie Philosophy of life — Learn, Earn, Donate.
Start doing the things that scares you and excites you both at the same time.
Be stubborn with your priorities. Learn to say, No!
Understand the difference between “taking rest” and “wasting time”.
Pornography is just an illusion.
Gratification is everything. Instant pleasures like junk food, porn, sleep etc. are nothing but long time sufferings.
Distinguish Reel life & Real life.
Don’t compare yourself with others.
Respect each and everyone. A Rickshaw driver is no less dignified than a person in a Lamborghini.
Disability? Your disability is only a small part of yourself! You can do wonders!
Don’t watch too much motivational videos on YouTube. The more you watch, the less you accomplish. A video once a month is enough.
Start networking. Your network is your net worth.
Don’t waste your youth. Start working! Remember the age of career — (18–26) years.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.