So many companies don't care how good or bad they look in Google searches, and they're wrong. According to online reputation management experts, the key to protecting your brand is to be proactive, optimize your content accordingly, monitor search results regularly, be ready to take action when something negative occurs, and be realistic about the outcome of your efforts. Here are 10 online reputation management tips to help your company protect its brand.

According to imFORZA, online reputation management is all about keeping the most relevant and useful results about your business on the first page of search engines. Optimize multiple pages of your website with probably the most important keywords and phrases. Hire a credible and authoritative resource, and it is advisable to monitor social media.

No matter how many transactions you make online if your potential or current customers see something negative about your business in Google's top results, you run a huge risk of losing opportunities. Now that you understand how important it is to build and maintain a good online reputation, let's take a look at what your brand needs to do to get it right.

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