Life can be tough, with trials and tribulations waiting to bring stress at every turn. So here are 50 tips to help you relax without worrying about another stressful thing - money!

Before Work

The morning routine is all-important for getting you going for the day, and scientists have shown that simply bashing the snooze button for extra minutes in bed isn't good for you. Try these things instead.

1. Don't wake up in the dark — leave your curtains half open
2. Do some quick stretches.
3. Reduce your stress hormones ahead of work by sniffing some coffee.
4. Apply pressure to the fleshy skin between your thumb and index finger — Chinese medicine says it will help with relaxation.
5. Don't eat breakfast on the go — you'll save money and probably take in less sugar, which can contribute to stress.

On Your Lunch Break

We all have to work, and with 1/3 of us eating lunch at our desks and not getting out of the office, and many of us spending a small fortune on fast food and fancy lunches, the stress is bound to build up. Try these tips to help you relax.

1. Get out into the sun to lift your spirits
2. Don't do the same thing every lunch break — try new places to eat or walk
3. Drip cold water on your wrists to help cool and calm you
4. Drink some herbal tea — chamomile aids relaxation
5. Don't eat fast food — the high fat and salt content can affect stress levels
Stay still — go for a walk instead

After Work

Once the working day is done, you need to get away from it all. If you don't, you may well run the risk of stress, burnout and damage to your friendships. Get relaxing instead.

1. Waste the commute home — clear your mind with a book, or even get off the train early and walk. You might save money at the same time!
2. Take your mind off your work with a crossword
3. Raid your cupboards for a bite of chocolate — proven to help de-stress
4. Forget to eat a proper dinner — even basics in your cupboards can be used to make something nutritious and soul-warming
5. Be drawn to continue dealing with work issues after the working day is done

During The Weekend

Now that society has moved on, and we don't have Sundays full of closed shops and nothing to do, we need to try even harder to make time to relax. Some scientists think that one day a week away from it all is vital.

1. Meditate twice a day — even if only for a few minutes
2. Leave your work at the office
3. Try some breathing exercises — use your fingers to cover your nostrils, and breathe in through one and out through the other. Try inhaling for four seconds and then exhaling for four seconds a few times
4. Get out of the house — take a walk, take in some sunlight, go people watching
5. Don't sleep in too late or overeat and make sure not to spend the weekend tied to your phone or computer

So with these tips you should find yourself living a much more relaxed life, and you won't have to worry about what it is all costing you either!

You'll find 30 more tips on how to incorporate mini-relaxations to your daily routine in this infographic from QuickQuid:

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Marilyn is a freelance writer and digital nomad currently living in rainy yet wonderful London. She writes (and reads!) about personal growth, productivity in the workplace, self improvement, and the importance of work/life balance and how to achieve it.