I listened in as Jennifer McLean interviewed guest Geoffrey Hoppe, who channels Adamus St. Germain, last week. The theme was predictions for 2010. I am writing this article because I feel this St. Germain has one of the most informative, higher level understandings of what is happening on our planet these days.

Jennifer asked St. Germain about predictions for 2010. St. Germain responded that he would rather look at it from the point of view of the next three years, as we are in a cycle right now that will take about three years to complete (which, by the way, will bring us to the end of 2012). We have lived through ages of mental manipulation and brainwashing and are now in a process of awakening, he said. This awakening is challenging the hypnotic state we've all been living in and the ignorance of humanity--ignorance about God and religions, mainly, but also ignorance about many different aspects of society. This awakening process is currently shaking up the economic, environmental, as well as religious belief systems in society.

He advised that to facilitate the process, you "go within yourself. Go in even deeper. You are going to discover yourself there." This process is one of "melding the soul with the human." (Of reconnecting and integrating with your higher self.) He also said that "You are manifesting a deep, inner choice although the human part of you may not like what is happening." However, "there is something far grander that cannot be imagined in your mind right now. It is of highest potential, so it appears that it is not there," he said. (He is saying that your higher self's plan will work out beautifully even though your mind may not understand how right now.)

"Allow yourself to just flow into it, to unfold...The important thing is that you're being creative...As you go deep within yourself you tap into creative energies. Allow your creative expression to come through you; use that energy to create things," he said, whether it manifests itself as writing a book, creating a unique line of clothing, or delving into a new technology or business idea. "Stop trying to plan all this and just allow yourself to unfold."

Of course the challenge is that after eons of brainwashing and giving up your power to the "authorities," getting yourself to start trusting yourself is hard to do. However, it is the "best thing you can do right now," he said. I suppose if there were a theme for 2010, it would be learning to trust in what you can't see quite yet--which I feel is part of how to prepare for 2012.

From the questions that were asked I could tell the audience wanted to understand, but I have discovered that in order to understand completely, one has to experience this process firsthand first. I understand with clarity what he said because several years ago, the Counsel of Light were telling me these things and I have gone through this process (which is one of integrating your ego/physical self with your higher self). In fact, having gone through the process, I have more to say about it than an entity who is currently not embodied on this planet.

I mean, you can't just "allow things to unfold." What does that mean, exactly? As a human embodied on this planet you have to have some form of action and what are your actions going to be based on? Will they be based on your old mental conditionings and fears (your old mindset, your old consciousness) or will they be based on something you can't quite see yet? How do you get to that place where you can trust what you can't see? Although the idea of this is promising (and implies a positive future), it is not an easy thing to do.

I went through the process years ago and created a simple system for gaining inner confidence so that you come to a point in your life where you trust your inner guidance (yourself) more than anything or anyone outside yourself, even while confronted with challenges and the contradictory advice of those whom you consider experts in their field--which is the ultimate goal here.

Having lived through it, I can also take what St. Germain said and "translate it into English," so to speak. And I can think of no better way to learn to trust yourself than to promptly and consistently receive insights and favorable synchronicities from "the universe" that further your higher life plan. (And the bonus is that furthering your higher life plan is what will resolve the crises and challenges in your life right now.)

"The world needs examples of new consciousness," he said to those who were on the call. "Each of you have chosen to be examples of new consciousness." I really believe this means every single one of us, only some of us begin the trusting and integrating process sooner than others. Are you ready to integrate with your higher self and be an example?

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