Radon is a gas and is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United State. The U.S. Federal Government has designated October 17th through the 24th as "Radon Awareness Week". Radon gas is a deadly household problem which has been addressed by the United States.

Each year 22,000 individuals lose their lives to lung cancer. Since 1988, the government has been taking action to increase the public's awareness in regards to the deadly gas. In 1988, the National Indoor Radon Abatement Act was backed by Ronald Reagan. In June of this year, the US government passed the Federal Radon Action Plan. This plan is designed to implement various programs through different US government branches in order to help to reduce the risk of lung cancer due to radon gas in homes and offices.

During National Radon Week, Americans are urged to test their homes, workplaces and schools for radon gas. This is an action plan to help reduce the risk of lung cancer in the American public. This plan will save thousands of American lives.

The government is implementing the testing of the deadly radon gas and remediation requirements with the assistance of the US Environmental Protection Agency, the General Services Administration, and the departments of Human Services, Energy, Defense Agriculture, Veterans Affairs, Interior and Urban Development.

The Radon Gas Action Plan also will implement radon testing during the sale of a property. With mitigation necessary when dangerous levels of radon gas are detected. Commercial and office buildings, daycares and schools will also be tested for the deadly gas to insure the safety of American lives. Each of these measures is taking action to help protect Americans when they are away from home, as well.

Radon is a problem that is easily corrected. The construction of the property will depend on the action that needs to take place. When dangerous levels are detected there are various approaches available. These variations use existing features of the home to connect to suction pipes which are provided for the evacuation of the gas. The process is not a difficult process.

The media is substantially involved in the National Radon Week and helping to bring public awareness. Families and business through the United States are urged to step up and test and mitigate during the national awareness week. Kits are readily available and can be found in hardware stores across the US. Local health departments are also disbursing the kits. The kits can also be purchased online.

For some states, special discounts are being offered to the citizens of the states. Radon gas is a killer. Thousands of lives can be saved if each of us does our part during the National Radon Week and tests and mitigates our properties for the deadly gas which is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States. Testing requires one easy test kit which just may save the life of yourself or your loved ones. You are encouraged to test your home.

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Radon Mitigation. Federal Radon Action Week a week which each of us must be aware of.