Ask any adult human being alive today if they have heard of any special significance given to 2012, and almost without exception, they would say “Yes.” All one needs to do is to look around at the current world condition to see the significance of a changing world in 2012. Of course, these changes did not only occur starting in 2012, but have been “brewing” and “set into motion” long before the arrival of 2012.

The almost infamous date of December 21, 2012 has been given much attention in recent times. Indeed, the “alarmists” and “fatalists” have often suggested great and impending doom, or at the very least, major world changes that will leave us all with “undesirable consequences.”

Of course one must find their own interpretations which make sense to them, however, I would like to suggest that perhaps the “very great changes” will NOT be from an outside world imposing its will upon us, but rather, from within the “inner worlds” of each and every person upon the planet as they will “en-masse” bring about very real changes in all of our “outer worlds.”

To say another way, the “old ways” which have been running our world are no longer applicable in the new world changes becoming manifest during the year 2012 and beyond. Of course, those “old ways” did serve good purpose for a very long time upon our planet; they helped grow us as a global community into what we have become. However, that is all changing; “those days are over.”

All over the world, in each individual life, we are all being “served notice” that the time is at hand for us all to “grow new versions of ourselves,” beyond the selves, we are all very familiar. There will indeed be those who will be “afraid” to “let go” of the old ways and make their best good faith attempts at “growing new versions of themselves.” These individuals will (in one way or another) find themselves with “life problems” which will visit them to “get their attention” at the very real need to grow themselves in new ways. In some cases, we will even see increased sickness, ill health, and disease manifest in the lives of these very unfortunate individuals.

In fact, I would not be surprised if we see, a “new disease condition” become more and more recognized in the world around us, as these unfortunate souls “refuse” to take responsibility for their own lives in ways, which would indeed grow them into newer and more improved versions of themselves. Their “refusal” to let go of the old ways will be their “downfall.”

The solution for any soul upon the planet to transition successfully into our new world in 2012 and beyond, is to simply focus upon what is immediately before you in your everyday lives, and find ways to “face your fears” at growing newer and more improved versions of yourself. It really is that simple. However, for those who choose to continue the “old ways,” the coming life changes will not be “welcomed.” It needs to be clarified that whatever each individual chooses to create in their life, it must be that which not only grows a better version of the self, but also that, which affects the lives of others in ways, which do indeed improve the quality of life for all.

Gone are the days of the inequalities in humanity; it is just that this is not clearly seen at present. However, it will most definitely become more and more increasingly clearer in the coming times of 2012 and beyond. Eventually, most everyone will come around to this new way of life, and those who do not, will be “left behind.”

What does it mean to you to bring about a more “spiritual quality” into your life? The answer to this question should be important to you; for this is the way of the future. The old ways of leadership all over the world, which bring about the disempowerment of people, are no longer as viable as they once were. The old ways of “clear lines being drawn,” between those who have the wealth and power, and those who do not, are no longer as viable as they once were. Still, there will indeed be those who will continue to make the attempt at maintaining the old ways; however, in many ways, they are destined for the same fate as the dinosaurs who once roamed our planet millions of years ago (extinction.)

In one’s own immediately present life, there are “choices” to be made at doing your part in creating the changes which are becoming manifest in our world en-masse in 2012 and beyond. These “choices” are not easy, living your life on “auto-pilot” is much easier. These “choices” one needs to make will involve everything from the most simple – to the most complex in nature.

For example, in the very real day-to-day lives of individuals (whether work or long-term relationship related,) there will be some challenging choices to made about growing one’s life into a more fulfilling and satisfying version of itself. Some of these choices will bring about very real changes in lines of work, and in long-term interpersonal relationships (employment, jobs, careers, marriages, etc.) However, know this; those changes will be coming anyway, with or without your conscious participation in the matter.

One can choose to “take the reins” so to speak, and “guide those changes,” or, one can be forced to “deal with the changes” life will force upon them. Your individual life is incredibly important. You did not come here to find yourself in a lifetime created by you, which only gets to a “certain point,” and then you are to stay with this for the remainder of your days. No, that very kind of thinking has gotten our world en-masse to the point where we find it developed to in our current times.

This article is not the place to elaborate in a deep spiritual manner about why there is such a great significance going on in our world in 2012 and beyond. Nevertheless, make no mistake about it, the time is indeed at hand for you to grow new ideas of what is possible for you, and bring those into being within the context of your individual life. By doing this for yourself, you not only will be creating a newer, more fulfilling, and satisfying life for yourself, you will also be helping the others in your lives which are most dear to you to follow your example at bringing a more “spiritual quality” into their own lives.

2012, a changing world, and you; what does it all mean? It means that if you do not find a way to “face your fears” and grow a newer and better version of yourself (for the benefit of you and others,) then rest assured that the changes which will come about in 2012 and beyond, will perhaps prove to be “most unwelcome” and/or “unpleasant” to you.

The answer? It is very simple. Do what you came here to do. You came here to create something of value in the world, which did not exist before your arrival. Whatever this is for you, know that it was never intended for you to only go so far developmentally and stop. In fact, this is why the times of 2012 and beyond are coming. 2012 and beyond is here to “wake you up” to become all that you can be. It is what is right for you individually, and it is what is right for the world globally.

It is your life; how will you decide to proceed in the days to come?

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