Key theme for 2012: facing the challenges and moving forward despite the uncertainty. The recovery has begun... but it is slow, erratic... we can't be lazy this year... Still, if we connect with the Dragon's energy, we can make magic...

Most interesting undertone for the year: the awakened reach critical mass, the veil thins...

Fun in 2012: Significant reunions mid-year, a great year for romance, social activities and family gatherings. Let's Party!

Best strategy this year: Expect the unexpected would be the wisest approach to 2012...Many hidden influences at work this year... be alert...

While on the one hand we see 2012 as a good time for many individuals - money is flowing a little more easily and love, romance and relationships come under the spotlight with the energy of the Water Dragon, - this year presents some serious challenges. After several years of feeling like the economy was at a standstill, we will begin to see some movement as new solutions present themselves to heal the world's financial malaise. Still... there is strong advice to be wary... we will be pushed to notice how our over-indulgences created the deep recession and the near financial collapse of many countries. We must be slow to make important decisions, thoughtful, otherwise we risk setting off in the wrong direction in our haste to get moving again. And the earth has not finished shifting its weight... the environment will continue to deliver some of the biggest stories of the year.

2012 will present a series of unpleasant occurrences, none of which are really serious, but they could add up... like a series of bad snow storms that one at a time could be handled, but one right after another leaves the town snow-bound... a year when the focus is on overcoming problems... the good news is that there are solutions now. We should see business and industry begin to floursih once again around the globe. .2012 is about returning to a place of balance... Changes relfect much-needed corrections to antiquated financial systems..

Be wary of new global friendships, unusual alliances, probably for trade... the sense of the hand of friendship being extended with an ulterior motive... countries doing business together - despite the tensions that have existed between them... but this could prove to be a big mistake.

Some time around late June or early July a huge scandal could come to light - many people bought into a lie and when the truth comes out, there will likely be a very public court room drama. We see also the possibility of a terrible shipwreck, sometime between June and August.

Water in the news this year, the sense of another large scandal over tainted water, water shortages in some areas, and major flooding. We see Issues over rights - perhaps especially rights over water will come to the fore duing 2012. Another young celebrity makes a public fool of themselves while on drugs or alcohol... some malicious "pranks" come to light...

A dangerous man comes to the fore .... dark-haired... makes a rash impulsive move... (I am thinking this could be the young leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-un)... the good news is that his impulse is not well-thought out and will likely fail to give him the power he anticpates.

Of great interest to all those fascinated by the paranormal... 2012 is a time when spirit is exceptionally active on the planet. Many will find themselves spontaneously seeing, feeling and hearing from "the other side"....I have the sense of a great spiritual awakening as more and more notice the need to look more deeply for meaning in their lives.... adding to the excitement this year is increased paranormal activity in all shapes and sizes, from UFO, BigFoot, and MothMan sightings, to dimensional crossings, and unusual electrical disturbances... example, for years I have been told to listen for a kind of "boom" that would be heard around the world... and in recent months, many people in many parts of the world are reporting unusual explosions of light and sound that can't be traced to any "normal" activity in the area.

The "occupy" movement is reflective of another strong undertone through 2012: a subtle but growing desire for justice, and fairness for all, not just the privileged few.... Our hearts are expanding as we open to more light in this transforative cycle... this is a year when we can tip the scales on the side of good... in the last two decades, technology has enabled us to see first hand how not caring has allowed injustices and horrific circumstances to overwhelm whole nations. With 2012, we are learning to make caring for others more of a habit.... never before, at least not in my lifetime, or my parents' or great-great grandparents' have so many individuals around the entire globe been so committed to being more responsible for their choices, - and aware of the consequences... I expect that more than one greedy corporate entity will be called to task this year.

Watch for some big surprises towards the end of the year.. The US elections could prduce some startling results... it would not surprise me if Obama were re-elected... the feeling that there is not a strong enough leader in the opposition. By the end of the year I am expecting some breakthroughs in science - especially in the field of energy - because this is a water year, there may be some new development in the use of wave technology to produce power..., and the field of medicine is also due for some exciting advancements, an awesome breakthrough in the treatment and cure of cancer... and more... keep feeling something coming for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis and in the treatment of a growing number of auto-immune disorders... I am also seeing some exciting new textiles, with fashion and stylishness important values again this year... we want to look good at the party, not just have fun...

Dragon also blesses us with a great year for parties and social activities. Family gatherings, cocktail and dinner parties will be in a lot of peoples' calendars this year.

2012 is a good year to reap what you have sown and for making conservative investments in the future. ... Watch for new and unexpected opportunities to open up.. Still, as I said at the beginning, we can't be lazy this year. We must be prepared to be personally challenged to own our mistakes... to take responsibility for our actions and the consequences.. Old issues will come to the fore to be settled once and for all. If you are in a relationship that has been teetering on the brink for some time now, this is the year when you make it or break it.

if you've been doing your inner work, you should thrive this year, but if you have been avoiding change, or caught up in fear and worry, you may be pushed to your limits... it will be up to you to make the most of the openings that will come as we reach the end of this long cycle.

As the year draws to a close a certain nervousness or edginess will prevail as we approach the big date: Dec 21, 2012...I believe that many of us are holding.deeply embedded fears about the end times.... perhaps it is the memory of what happened to Lemuria and Atlantis that is encoded in our genes... now is the time to banish these old-long-forgotten ghosts. As Dec 22 dawns, a new cycle opens up and with it many new and exciting opportuntities to learn and grow and prosper - as individuals and as global community.

This will certainly be a tumultuous year for many. As we awaken to our true selves and our creative powers, we will be challenged also to heal ourselves and our families, as well as our systems and structures - and Mother Earth, Herself. While 2012 may bring the end of the world as we know it, the end times on a long cycle, I am certainly not expecting the end of the world. In fact, the opposite... I expect some magnificent discoveries from our scientists and researchers - there is the potential for grand breakthroughs in so many fields... and I expect to be more loving, and to find others are more loving, aware, open and willing to shift to higher planes of thought and action. And so I am very happy, grateful, excited about welcoming in this particular New Year.

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