This is the year everyone's been talking about. There has been so much information in the media about the Mayan Prophecies - and yet, the most important transformation for 2012 is the dramatic energies happening within you!

2012 is a 5 Universal year. 5 is the number is freedom, expression, evolution, revolution, and excitement. Notice all of these words have E as their first vowel. E is the 5th letter of the alphabet. The letters in our language that add up to number 5 are N, E and W, which spell the word NEW.

This is a year to try new things, take risks, and make radical choices.

Last year all of your foundations were tested. We were in a 4 Universal Year with an 11 influence. The 11 is a gateway of truth. If the foundations of your life, particularly your relationships, but also your career, home, finance, lifestyle - did not reflect your personal values, if they didn't allow you to express who you really are - then those foundations crumbled.

Now it's time to rebuild all of those foundations. However it's impossible for you to go back to your old way of being. You cannot rebuild a structure using the same materials and techniques and expect a different result. You need to create new habits, beliefs, activities and relationships that support you expressing the fullness of who you are.

The number five relates to the fifth chakra - your throat chakra. This is where you express your feelings and also your purpose that is meant to be shared and communicated with others. You know you are in alignment with your purpose when you feel joy.

So, when you are making a choice between something that seems good on paper, and something that seems more risky but your whole being feels excited about, always choose that one that makes your spirit happy. When you do, that's all the doors open for you. When you deny your potential, that's when you feel like your treading water.

So if you've been applying to the same boring jobs and haven't been hired, or you just broke up with a partner that didn't understand or support you, or you can't seem find the right person to date by staying home and searching for them online, or going out with the same friends you've been with for years; It's not because you're not good enough!

You can thank your lucky stars the Universe is preventing you from limiting yourself. YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Ask yourself, What would you do right now to live your dreams if you weren't scared? What actions would you take if you completely believed in yourself? Who would you connect with and how would you share your gifts with the world? Remember, your passions will always lead you to your purpose, and when you invest in yourself, other people will invest in you as well. Take a chance to do more and be more than you ever thought possible. You have everything to gain, because you are worth it!

Author's Bio: 

Kari Samuels is a Psychic Intuitive, Theta Healing practitioner, and creator of the upcoming CD, "Meet Your Future Self". Kari is highly sought-after for her expertise and innovation as a numerologist. Using the letters of your name and the numbers in your birth date - she can tune into your past, present and future, decipher your destiny, and guide you on your path toward happiness like a human GPS. If there is an area in your life that needs more joy, Kari can shed light on dark places and lift your spirits with remarkable insight. She is known to fuse entertainment with enlightenment, wit with wisdom, and psychic with sassy. In addition to using her own abilities, Kari has taught hundreds of people around the world how to access their own intuition, as well as harness the power of numbers to enhance one's life. It is her joy to help others manifest their divine potential.