David Wilcock, in his video 2012 Event Horizon: Prophecies and Science of a Golden Age, states that with the unveiling of the information that has been held secret from the masses for thousands of years comes the potential for what is called apotheosis. The definition of apotheosis is: The elevation or exaltation of a person to the rank of a god.

"The people who are in power believe themselves to be gods," he says in his 2012 Event Horizon film. "They have inherited an ancient tradition which encourages the practice of developing your own spiritual and intuitive faculty to a much, much greater level than most people ever do and they have a variety of practices, very distinct practices which are engineered to awaken your psychic center."

David Wilcock is not alone. A number of 2012 prophecies point to humans having the potential to become gods. But what does Wilcock mean when he uses the word "God?" And what picture comes into your mind when you hear that word?

I suspect that if you'd ask a random sampling of people from around the world what comes up when they hear the word God, some would get a picture of a biblical God in the sky, or of Jesus, or the Buddha. When the plural "gods" is brought up, some may picture the gods of ancient Greece or Rome (who were famous for their rage, revenge and violence). Still others may view God as the Universe, as All That Is. (Not necessarily that everything is God, but that God equals All That Is.) One can see that it is important that thought leaders in the arena of 2012 prophecies be clear about what they mean when they say that humans have the potential to become like gods.

My understanding is that each of us has a "God spark" within that is often called the "higher self" or the "true self." Sometimes referred to as the soul, it is the source of your potential as well as the source of unconditional love. It is also the part of you that has been kept veiled from you for thousands of years (ever since the "fall from grace," the "fall in consciousness," the fall of Atlantis). But now it is time to reconnect to it and to integrate your higher self into your life, including in your attitude and your actions. This is my understanding of "human becoming like God."

It is not that your soul was ever really separated from you; your soul has been around forever. It's been with you through your many incarnations and it's who you are even when your body has taken its last breath. But for ages you've been taught that your connection to God has been outside of yourself and that you were unworthy to have such a connection. Because of this, that connection is undeveloped, is dormant.

It takes more than just breathing or even devoted meditation or prayer to integrate your higher self into your life. It takes consciously participating in the "evolutionary process" (consciously integrating your higher self into your life through the new insights and attitudes you adopt and the changes you make). This takes a heck of a lot of courage because you will most certainly face your deepest fears and most ingrained beliefs in the process. (But that's part of the challenge.)

In the video, David Wilcock speaks of the increasing magnetic energies radiating from Galactic center as though this is proof of a new world that's coming. The truth is, although these energies may be associated with 2012 enlightenment, they are not the direct cause of it. You cause your own enlightenment through your conscious effort to reconnect to and integrate with your higher self--often in response to pain or chaos in your life.

By the way, unlike what some thought leaders claim, you can speed up the awakening process by understanding what it's really about. Your understanding reduces your fear, which reduces your resistance and increases your willingness and trust. Moreover, knowing the steps involved in the process speeds it up and makes it much easier.

It is about trusting, yes, but it's not about trusting that the Universe will do it all for you; it's that you will learn to trust yourself to create the life you love.

As you develop your intuitive capacity and awaken your psychic center (through your higher self), you develop your capacity to create, to be at peace, to be in sync with the divine plan, and to fulfill the prophecies of the Golden Age. This is my understanding of the 2012 prophecies that point to humans becoming like gods.

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