Overall, this is a year where you will often find yourself at the front of the love from your family and friends. Married couples will want to spend time so that they can communicate, and over all, take the opportunity for a good, positive year to cultivate relationships and to expand on creative endeavours.

Aquarius, born between January 20th and February 18th, are by their definition, honest, flexible and multi-talented individuals who have the uncanny ability to decipher when an individual is being insincere to them. Aquarians are also very charming, which tends to lead people to them, making them very good leaders, even if they tend to be reluctant in that aspect sometimes. Sometimes, this can be because they have a tendency to be nervous and worry a little too much, but often, their kindness, activity and cheerfulness balance that out. As one of the early years of the Age of Aquarius, Aquarians should be feeling as though opportunity and positive energy are coming their way. In fact, 2012 might be one of the most creative years for many Aquarians.

For countless psychics, having an understanding of astrology, the ancient science of understanding how the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies can forecast the coming year, is essential. In fact, astrology is possibly the most ancient form of divination known to mankind, having roots as far back as the Ancient Sumerians, with a rise in popularity during the Greek and Roman eras. It even spread as far as China, where it became a part of everyone’s lives. After a period wherein many seemed to have forgotten the art of studying the heavens, astrology has had a great resurgence over the last century, and now, it only makes sense that others have heard the terms of the Age of Aquarius, and no child doesn’t know what their “sign” is. For those who are Aquarians, though, this can be a slightly disconcerting thought. After all, not many understand the Age of Aquarius, and what that can mean. So, let us look at what 2012 will mean for those from the new Age.

From the workplace to the creative endeavours, this is a great year for one’s diligence, talent, and ambition to pay off in the best way possible. From a promotion to a huge achievement, there’s plenty out there for Aquarians to take hold of. Although positive, be aware that this might mean some changes in a way you might not expect. Perhaps you will be relocating for a new home, or it might mean that you can even work abroad or study there. If that winds up being the case, though, you’ll want to make sure you tie up any and all loose ends before you do. Finally, understand that the road to these opportunities could still cause tension or conflicts while at your work place, so it will be important to utilize the communication and social skills that Aquarians have. Just keep calm and you’ll make it just fine.

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