Today is the First Day of the great New Year 2012.

During the last month, I cleaned everything including my mind, heart and soul in order to welcome the New Year in a pure, tension-free, fantastic mood. I am feeling great as there is no more enmity or negativity within me. My whole body and my inner-self is completely filled with the sentiments of love and good wishes for all.

I am sitting in the quiet atmosphere of my office in the early hours of January 1, 2012 with the strange feeling that I am not alone but being surrounded by invisible divine souls. While I am writing these lines, I am being excited to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to all of you. I am now mentally prepared to do anything to make the New Year 2012, as the Year of Love and Peace, Hope and Happiness, and Progress and Prosperity.

Are you ready to join me in making 2012 as the Year of Love and Peace for all human beings? If so, then jump start the New Year by sending messages of love and good wishes to your family, friends, colleagues, clients and all those people who are helping you, in one way or the other, in improving your life. Did you ever think of sending New Year greetings to your “enemies”? Give it a try! You will be happy with the results.

In order to make this year a remarkable loving year for you, think love, feel love, wear love and speak the language of love with everyone. Start living in a loving atmosphere. Live in peace and love with your neighbors, family, friends and colleagues. Do some little favors to others as a token of your love for other fellow persons. Give a big smile to some ailing person. Say hello to a stranger. Volunteer for some social work. Help a blind person cross the street. Play with children. Take care of an old person etc.

While I am talking about love, my heart goes with those innocent people who were brutally killed in unjustified wars and armed conflicts during the past years. This madness must be stopped now. We need only “peace-keeping forces” and not “killing forces”.

I think it is our moral duty to raise our concerns at all forums against hatred, discrimination and inhuman killings anywhere in the world. Please spread the message of peace and love to all corners of the world and even take it to the corridors of the United Nations to press upon the world body to settle disputes, among nations, amicably through peaceful negotiations. The United Nations must consider declaring the Year 2012 as the Year of Peace and Love and refrain from allowing any country to wage war against another country. We are one and our slogan must be; Love, Peace, Progress and Prosperity for all peoples of the world.

With my best wishes and prayers that peace and love may prevail on earth. Ameen.

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Hifzur Rehman is the Editor and Founder of