This could be a controversial article, just when the multitudes started embracing the idea of meeting, marrying and growing old with their perfect match. That match often referred to as a Soul mate or someone who is smart, pretty, handsome, charismatic, responsible, tolerant of our ornery selves, at the same time holding the mystical answers to love. Meanwhile the world and also the energy of relationships, has begun to shift. So have no fear. If you have lost your Soul Mate, or you can’t quite find yours. There is good news for you around this very corner.
It starts with the concept of the soul. A lot of people merge the idea of the soul with the spirit. I invite you to entertain the idea of the soul being connected to your life experience. Even the one’s passed to you by genetics, family members, and your environment. The soul is actually a compilation of uncompleted experiences. Every time we have an experience that gets interrupted from it’s full cycle, sometimes referred to as our Karmic Past. The experience resides deep within our core as an automatic influence, in our lives.
Karma can be a Past life, a trauma, unresolvable concerns, or unconstructive coping mechanisms learned from family or friends, goals or dreams pushed onto us by others, or problems we create for others. These concepts and new life practices come from a powerful point of reference, along with personal experience of channelings by Elena Radford. Elena is an Inca Shamanic Priestess in Park City Utah. She channels High Dimensional Light Beings, she also conducts shamanic healing, life coaching and shamanic training as well. These beings of light are dedicated to assisting us in bringing balance, happiness and of course, that highly sought after, elusive yet extremely beautiful unicorn. “Peace
So what begins to appear in our Karmic or soul-mate connections? Well we begin to notice the same themes, drama’s or problems that we had in previous experiences, whether it’s a husband that laughs at his wife’s creative ideas. So the wife is trying to heal from her dad criticizing her homework, because he was tired from work. The interesting part is that this all happens on a levels were not aware of. Her soul is recreating the experience to literally have another chance to heal that situation. So our soul is that part of ourselves holding beliefs and rules that set up situations to complete Karma.
The energy in the world is completely shifting. Completing the past is quickly becoming a thing of the past. And as such, single people are becoming more discerning about who they interact with. Married people are getting divorced or experimenting with being separated. Couples are recognizing what’s not working for them. The old excuses of no time, money or energy have lost their shiny wrappings. We are paying attention to our gut feel. Have you noticed that you are becoming more sensitive to how things feel. Others are stepping into counseling, leaving toxic friends and joining workshops to find new ways to interact.
What higher dimensional beings want us to know, is that there are deeper connections and love available! So in the past we started relationships for lust, chemistry, conditional love, admiration, and being scared to be alone, Karma.
The New Relationships that are being discovered. Have less drama, have more respect and admiration, are based in high levels of awareness, interactions are heart felt and genuine. It becomes possible to feel how they are feeling. The couple naturally moves into giving and receiving in most their interactions. Blame becomes a sitcom topic and resigns as a communication tool.
This is Part 1 of the 2012 Lovers series!!!

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Hello my name is Aaron. I am a 39 yr old Male
From Park City Utah.
Engaged in Shamanic practices for the past 5 yrs.
I am Also a Reiki Master.
I Enjoy the Mountains, and learning sacred traditions and wisdom.
For more info, free audio recordings, discussions on facebook, online audio classes, etc.
I love peace and stillness. I strive to reconnect others to their happiness.
I Write conscious poetry,understands the importance of dreams, and delves into deep levels of symbolism.
I Work with the mystical.. The World of the Dragon.
Favorite Poem
Sun drenched Flowers in gleeful colors weaving aromatic displays of Magic along gently wind swept mountains, a condor quietly circling as the shaman stands in ripening grasses full of new seedlings. Inch worms gently descend from the trees, the shaman breathes in this breathe taking creation and then breathes it back out again.~Aaron Waldron