My guidance tells me that there is nothing special about 2012 other than the significance that we place on it. If enough people agree strongly enough in a certain direction, that creates a powerful attractor and can cause a manifestation.

Right now humanity is in a chaotic, fluctuating period prior to a potential quantum leap. The light is shining into the dark subconscious of humanity and all of our demons are coming to the surface and are being exposed. This is a result of a natural process of increasing awareness due primarily to a rapid population increase.

Consider what happens when there are 100 people in a room as opposed to 2 or 3. The energy is higher, it increases exponentially. The potential for something spontaneous to "happen" increases by orders of magnitude. That's because we are not pieces of meat, but spiritual beings connected to a universe-wide field of consciousness. Every planet has a planetary energy envelope that is activated by the beings that live on it. Each planet is an energy "node" in a galactic-wide community.

When planetary nodes evolve far enough in power and sophistication, they become "live" or mature, and species become ready to cooperate with each other and work together as a planetary society. Until then, it is like a light bulb that flickers on and off, because there is not enough power to illuminate it.

Humanity is an immature, adolescent species. For millennia we have been fighting amongst ourselves, simply because we have not come together. Our fragmented consciousness has led to fragmented societies. Moreover, for millennia we have believed that we are alone in the universe, an absurdity that could only take root in a primitive, low-level consciousness. But that is rapidly changing. If you are like me, you feel a psychic energy that at times feels almost overwhelmingly good, or overwhelmingly bad!

Many say that population increase is bad, but it is not. We need more humans on the planet, more new souls coming in with higher vibrations to put us over the top.

Those in the establishment have as their purpose to decrease population. They see the handwriting on the wall. All of their efforts - pollution, drugs, suppression of alternative medicine, suppression of free energy technology, fraudulent finance, chemicals in food, chemtrials, carcinogens in the air and water and land, everything, the whole lot of it is directed to decreasing the population and preventing a new tipping point to a higher level of consciousness. The dark actors -- who are representative of our own, individual shadow sides - are fighting a losing battle with primitive, crude weaponry, the weaponry of the old order -- conflict, domination, coercion, force. More and more people are seeing past these outdated techniques as the energy increases on planet earth.

The significance of 2012 is that it happens to line up with the population increase and the rise of consciousness. Or perhaps it's the other way round! The timeline for humanity's advancement is not written, however. We are a volatile species and are writing the script as we go along.

The way to the new consciousness is for individuals to start thinking for themselves, to consult that inner kernel of wisdom that is connected to the universal field, the universal Mind, the universal Heart. Here we can find peace, and the answers to the questions that plague us. The answers will come when we collectively reach a higher level of consciousness, and that is the road we are all traveling right now, as individuals and as a species.

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