Let’s get one thing clear: the Mayan Calendar’s end-date of 2012 is not about the end of the world. Although this time is prophesied as a time of renewal, of the estimated two million Maya Indians living today, none of them are waiting for the end of the world.

In the writer’s view, 2012 is best referenced against the obvious Acceleration in Consciousness – an acceleration reflected in a US$70B worldwide personal and spiritual development industry, as well worldwide environmentally, politically, technologically, economically, socially, religiously, spiritually.

This shift is not unexpected….. Indigenous peoples all over the world, such as Mayans, the Hopis, Aztecs, Maoris, Incas, Cherokees, Seneca Indians, speak of this time as one of great, great transformation. And ancient calendars, such as those of the Egyptians, the Tibetans, the Tamils, the Chinese and the Hindus also herald this timeframe as being one of great potential to move into a New Evolutionary Agenda altogether. The most famous Calendar of all, of course, is the Mayan Calendar and its mysterious 2012 date.

The Classic Maya of Central America, present-day Mexico and the Yucatan Peninsula (heyday 500 AD) had a very sophisticated understanding of astronomy and mathematics and pre-occupied themselves with the art of timekeeping, a practice that started with their predecessors, the Olmecs (3000 B.C). Critically, as shamans and stargazers, the Maya – a pre-modern, relatively Stone Age people that did not even use the wheel – were able to chart and log billions of years of evolution.

Similar to shamanic practices used by the Dogon tribe of Africa who discovered Sirius B as early as 5,000 years ago (the scientific community discovered Sirius B only a mere fifty years ago), the ancient Maya were able to develop models of the starry universe, calculating the orbits of the earth, sun, and moon, and devising calendars for each.

Although numerous Calendars were developed by the Maya, the two we are concerned with are the Tzolkin Long Count Calendar and the Coba Stele Master Calendar.

Numerous researchers and scholars have now come upon the Julian day 584 283, August 11, 3114 BC, as the beginning of the 5,125 years-long Tzolkin was on. This means the Tzolkin will end on December 21, 2012, simply because the end date of the 5,125-day Long Count falls exactly 1,872,000 days after 11 August 3114 BC.

Inscriptions in Palenque, Mexico, however (written in about the 7th century AD and about a thousand years after the Tzolkin was devised in Izapa, Mexico), seem to indicate that the relevant end-date may be October 28, 2011. This has been detailed by foremost researcher, Dr Carl Johan Calleman, who has been studying the Maya since 1979. He says that 11 August 3114 BC was cited as the start simply because it was once considered a holy date in Izapa (the date of the solar zenith). He has questioned this start-date on the basis that a holy date in Izapa has nothing to do with the real beginning of the evolutionary creation cycles as these cycles are fundamentally spiritual in nature, not astronomical.

The Coba Stele Master Calendar (of which the Tzolkin is a sub-set) is derived from a tall, thin, totem pole-like monument that covers evolution over trillions of years. Certain parts of it are named and these represent history going back 16.4 billion years and 9 major creation and evolutionary cycles leading to 2012 (or 2011). The 14 parts that are unnamed pre-date the evolutionary phase beginning 16.4 billion years ago.
Each of the 9 evolutionary cycles accelerates by a factor of 20 compared to the cycle preceding it, meaning that each new creation cycle runs 20 times faster than the last. That’s why we feel everything is speeding up: it is.

Each of these 9 Creation cycles is further divided into 13 sections called Heavens. These 13 Heavens are comprised of 7 day sections and 6 night sections each. At present, we are on the Galactic Level (which is the 8th Creation Level), in the 6th Day with only the 6th Night and the 7th Day to go. In February 2011, according to Dr Calleman, we will advance to the 9th and final Creation level -- the Cosmic Level. At this final level, we will have the opportunity to experience Cosmic Consciousness, after having radically shifted in consciousness 13 times over a period of 260 days between Feb 2011 and October 2011.

Thrown into this heady evolutionary mix also is the conjunction of the Winter Solstice sun with the equator of the Milky Way and the ecliptic, forecasts for increasing solar flares, the end of the 26,000-year Great Year, the end of the 225,000,000-year Galactic Year and the shifting of the Earth’s magnetic poles. Even without all of these, however, what the Calendars provide are an extraordinary evolutionary blueprint. Many are ‘waking up’ and experiencing extraordinary realignments on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. And of course there is much realignment taking place globally also. All of this, in the writer’s view, is part of a long-anticipated evolutionary movement into the Cosmic Consciousness that is Oneness, Unity, Harmony and Peace. This is truly the Power and the Majesty of the Now.

In conclusion and irrespective of whether or not the calendar ends in 2011, 2012 or any other date, what makes such information vital to us is that, crucially, we have a road map. As such, we can empower ourselves by aligning with its deepest meanings and release from ourselves the outdated patterns and beliefs of previous cycles, our parents, past lives and all lack, conflict, poverty, suffering, etc. Then may we merge seamlessly with the incoming evolutionary dynamic. Either we let go, or we are being forced to let go and alter through exponentitally-increasing evolutionary, cosmic, economic, environmental and political pressures.

Just how these ‘endtimes’ will impact each of us is entirely a personal choice. The journey involves being awake, taking total personal responsibility for our lives right now – and making the changes that are required as quickly as we can. In so doing, we will be awake and paying attention to the signs, letting go of what we cannot take with us and embracing all in a spirit of Joy, Creativity and Abundance. It’s up to each of us to choose. Choose well.

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Fatima Bacot is the Director of Diamond Consciousness International, an organisation dedicated to delivering Programs and Services focused upon the quantum development of limitless human potential. Fatima specifically contributes as a Personal and Spiritual Development Facilitator, Seminar Presenter, Astrologer and Public Speaker. She provides clarity and techniques to eliminate sabotage, as well as the strategies needed to move ahead to manifest the fullest potential possible.