As the last decade ends and the new one begins, we find the world around us has changed dramatically. From social networking to energy conservation, every area of our lives is in transition. Economic challenges, global warming, food shortages and weather changes have generated dismay, protest and driven individuals to take an inventory of their spiritual, emotional, psychological and physical realities. People have turned to alternative ways of thinking to cope and adapt to these challenging times.

Science and technology have also altered how we look at the world. What used to be considered impossible is now commonplace. Tasks that use to take days and hours are now taking minutes. Time seems to be accelerating. In many ways, we are experiencing Einstein's theory of relativity in our daily lives. I don't believe it is exactly the same as a true alternate reality as he had envisioned. His theory eluded to the possibility that we could enter an alternate reality through portals in time. Nevertheless, time as we know it has significantly changed. Technology has driven this new perception of time within the last ten years. However, time seems like it has been accelerated.

The difference in the amount of time we have had in 1999 is completely different than the amount of time we have in 2010. In other words, because of the acceleration of technology in one decade, we have entered an alternative reality from the one we experienced just ten years ago. As we develop our intuition, time will also be altered through our abilities to gain insight that would have taken the rational brain years to unravel. The key is to develop both hemispheres of our brain so that the left hemisphere is developed to the point that it can accommodate the insight given to us through our intuitive abilities centered in the right hemisphere of our brain. The integration of these two hemispheres infinitely increases our creative capabilities. As science becomes more adept of mapping the brain and understanding its unlimited capacity, we are standing on the brink of understanding what yogis knew in ancient times. Miracles can be explained by the new science, bringing science and spirituality together for the first time in the history of man.

People have been challenged with experiential changes in their levels of income, lifestyle, safety and relationships. What is driving these changes? Why now?

Experts in science, anthropology, public policy, brain research, spirituality and philosophy to name just a few of the professional disciplines that have changed their views and separatists thinking to join together in unison to help humanity and the Earth meet the challenges, find solutions and raise conscious awareness that we are all in this together. They are changing and so can we.

Many believe that the current changes affecting the earth's weather has directed each of us is being driven to reevaluate our relationships, philosophies, paradigms and notions about life, not only on a personal scale, but on a grand world scale. We are being asked to look at ourselves in new ways. Our experts believe that we are at a crossroad and turning point as individuals, societies and our relationship with the Earth. We are being asked to examine our uniqueness as individuals and at the same time to expand our vision and our responsibility as world citizens. In other words, we are being asked to become part of a team on a world level. This will allow us to become unique individuals within a collective whole.
How will the next ten years effect your life? What can you do to increase your level of understanding, expectations, goals and relationships with yourself and your fellow man? How can you use this powerful energy to create your destiny instead of being at the effect of fate?

As you learn the power of releasing resistance to change, you begin to embrace your inner wisdom and personal power. I believe this incredible time in history which can teach you the power of release and how to use it to move forward toward your highest good. This tool can be used to unlock the unlimited potential within us that is at our fingertips.

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