The big hullabaloo from Roland Emmerich's film 2012, and all the disaster films we've been seeing for the last 50-60 years or so is scaring the heck out of viewers. So badly are they scared of the end that they are watching the same movies of disaster, over and over, with different actors, different titles, and different producers - all aimed to scare you and empty your pockets. The World Isn't Coming To An End, it's just scary Hollywood, or Horrorwood - as some label it. It's coming to a transformation - and it's already started.

Let's get real. Let's discuss some of the pin-point targets:

1. The World Will End With Planetary Alignment and the repositioning of the Earth along the Galactic Equator - .... R-I-G-H-T! The phenomena of placement of the stars and galaxies in space is not new. These things have occurred before, and it wasn't the end of the world. Actually, the date predicted, Winter Solstice, 2012 is not as significant as other astronomical phenomena happening before this. This is just fear-mongering of the formerly unemployed ' of the world writers' with nothing better to do than create movies to scare the bejesus out of little kids.

2. The Mayan Prophesy - there is no known prophesy that the world is coming to an End and whoever said that should know that it can't be. The records of the Maya civilization were effectively destroyed, like all other Meso-American histories by the Conquering Spanish, and what was kept - was kept in secret archives to keep the truth away from the public because it would destroy the Catholic Church. The evidence indicated that the majority of the Meso-American population was, in fact, the lost tribes of Israel. This was written by Franciscan Monks at the time of the invasion, and British and other archeologists later. The actual Mayan Prophesy was simple - 'Live naturally, in natural time, or your biosphere (Earth - our mother ship) would not survive. We'll we did it. No lying about that. For the past umpteen years, we have been just like conquerors, raping, murdering, and killing mother earth. OOPS! I didn't do it - you didn't do it - the politicians allowed it - all for greed. Oil, Gold, Silver - rape the earth suffers the consequences. The end date of the Mayan Calendar had nothing to do with the end of the planet, it had to do with the end of an era.

2a. When the Earth was first inhabited there was something of a 3 degree axis tilt and the planet was green, and water blue, and life was abundant. What by the name of God have we done to our mother?
2b. We're at 23 degree wobble now. Yes, something is happening, changes are occurring, but it's not the end. It scares people to think that changes are coming - people fear change. CHANGE IS GOOD!
2c. People will die. Yes, we've burned fossil fuels, destroyed our air, cut down our forests, created deserts where there were none before and previously the planet cleansed itself with great floods. People are dying, we are more aware since Hurricane Katrina, that things are not right due to global warming, and Tsunamis, great floods, and thousands more deaths in countries where floods were a rarity.
2d. Species are dying. Faster than ever before species are disappearing. One indication that might be considered, or two, are the frog population which began disappearing a few years back, and the bees. We are impacting nature and we don't step lightly - our footprint is huge and visible, and we are destroying all of life without mistreatment of our mother.
2e. More diseases, more horrible, more incurable - a sick society and planet produce all forms of diseases.

3. Human Nature - It's obvious that the nature of the human being is to conquer. The continuous development of warfare, atomic, and nuclear weaponry is solely aimed at the destruction of mankind and hurting the planet. Previously, we had been the only big bully playing with nukes, now every schoolyard bully has them and someone is likely to play war games just to demonstrate my 'thing' is bigger than your 'thing'.
3a. Human Belief in Ancient Religions - I must mention this, because this is the greatest manipulation of human beings on Earth. Sorry, priest, ministers, rabbis, I honor you all for what you know, but your DOGMA is not helping the situation. Each one of you has chosen an individual branch as part of the Tree of Life, and none of you are on the Expressway to God. Please stop telling your people they are sinners - as men of God, many of you have been caught with your own pants down around your ankles and some honey taking some money for some SINFUL and LUSTFUL experience you needed to have. It may not have been you, but we all know of whom I speak. I am not judging you - just stop judging others and stop playing the blame game which results in guilt. As you know - guilt has absolutely no survival value, it is responsible for many illnesses that do not resolve and result in death. Stop guilting others, or ...
3b. Humans Mistreat Each Other and Mother Earth - imagine all the drilling, the cutting of trees, the burning of fields, everything normal and beautiful of earth destroyed by greed to steal the resources and be billionaires, all at the cost of our mother. Imagine our planet as a great big fluffy dog, filled with life. And the dog feels the burring of something drilling into it - just like a flea. And another, burning like burning the trees - the dog begins to scratch and shake fiercely and the fleas fall off. You got a parachute for when this happens to us?

4. The Mayan Calendar – Interestingly enough ends on the Winter Solstice, 2012. Why, not because it’s the end of the world – it’s the end of the 5th Cycle of Life on the Planet. The 6th Cycle that begins immediately thereafter is an Age of Enlightenment. It’s sounds like an exciting time to be alive – so get prepared!

WELCOME - this is reality.

Many of us will fall off, many of us will die. Those who are not prepared, and those who think they are better or more powerful than Mother Earth that we live on, will suffer.

Richard Branson is really making his fleet of Intergalactic Space ships to take the rich and wealthy off the planet, just like Roland Emmerich has set of Arks in his movie. Branson’s ticket price is much cheaper.


In 1987, the Harmonic Convergence, as written about by Dr. Jose Arguelles, and my participation in it – by travels through endless ruins, culminating at the El Tule Tree in Oaxaca in Mexico, spoke the prophesy that we had 25 years left of life as we knew it. We must return to natural, non-destructive living. We blew it!
Now the cards are laid out on the table. Natural disasters are not done by nature but by those politicians who paid no heed to the warnings.

What can the scenario possibly be -- to cause the end of life as we know it? Who knows, asteroids, meteorites, some crazy Anti-Semitic Iranian ex-president who stole the presidency from the people in order to try to wipe out the State of Israel, some angry Korean president who is dying because of his anger at the United States over a 60 year old situation, or errors by our own major powers in their thinking that nuclear energy is stable enough to survive what our earth going through with hurricanes, tsunamis, typhoons, earthquakes, great floods -- while this huge dog is shaking off us fleas.


Be prepared. More than anything else - it's your mind and soul that need preparation. Since we all know that the soul is immortal, you will survive in one form or another. We have prepared the first of several guides on survival. This first one was just updated Nov. 2009, originally written in 1991 - to help you survive what is undoubtedly going to be a life-changing experience.

The title is – “The World is a Mess, and We Are Responsible - Isn't It Time To THINK RIGHT” You can find it at - new edition release Tuesday December 1, 2010 ....

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Jay Polmar, is a retired therapist, college instructor, certified hypnotherapist, and has studied of Mayan prophesy since 1986. His thoughts are unique, and he states that the world is changing right before our eyes and it's now too late - the prophesy is engaged and we should be prepared. You can find his book at which will help you prepare for the Age of Enlightenment.