Recently I tuned into a documentary about the prophecies of Nostradamus and the events and changes that he and others predicted would take place in the world; 21.12. 2012 believed to be the pinnacle date where the world will exist dramatically different than it does now.

I am far from being an expert on this topic let alone an historian; in fact history was one of my least favorite subjects in school, but I was drawn to listen to the interviews and perspectives of the scientists and historians who expanded on the similarities and collective connectedness of many ancient civilizations and their predictions for the future; from global warming, wars and natural disasters–events that are actually happening now.

My ears perked up even more when they spoke of how we all have choices in the road that we choose to follow in life and that these choices will ultimately lead us to our own individual experience of this notorious date.

I am a firm believer in awareness being the key to experience more happiness, love and peace in our lives.

If our microwave, car or furnace was leaking or emitting toxic radiation, fumes or gas, I suspect that we would make the call to have the problem repaired, however, if we weren’t aware of the problem, it could go undiagnosed for some time and eventually the effects would be more than evident and potentially devastating.

I believe that this is what was being asked for us to be aware of; a self-diagnosis if you will, of our leakages and the toxicity we are emitting.

Do we love or hate? Do we judge and blame or take responsibility? Do we forgive or fight? Do we want peace, but partake in our own family and relationship dysfunctions? Are we a giver or do we think, “What’s in it for me?” Do we live in fear? Does money or lack thereof determine our happiness or contentment in life?

We have the opportunity everyday to open our eyes and see which road we’re on by simply taking a look at how we are choosing to live and we can make a different choice whenever we choose to…yes a profound statement, but true! However, it does take awareness, courage and humility.

The whole esoteric and spiritual discussions surrounding these predictions may be too much for us to believe or accept, but it can evoke us to at least look at a broader perspective of the message and start to make choices in our life that don’t hurt others, our world or ourselves.

Which road will you choose?

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As an awareness coach, spiritual counselor, emotional fitness trainer, author and speaker, Jo-Anne Cutler is passionately committed to bridging the energy, communication and connectedness gap between kids and their parents. By being aware of how disconnected cycles behaviours impact our children, we can shift what we are unconsciously teaching them by example and will inspire a new legacy of parenting for generations to come! To contact Jo-Anne please visit