In this post, I want to go further into the secrets of time tactics. In 2013, I want you to be the most time terrific expert out there in the field. I spoke before about the power of delegation. The most successful individuals on the planet delegate. When you have the ability to delegate successfully, then you will be able to focus on the most important topics while dishing out the less important topics to other people. The stuff has to be done, it just does not have to be done by you. Consider using services like odesk or elance for your online work. The information in this post goes into the second aspect of the secrets system's time management which is time blocking.

Time Blocking is a way to keep you focused on your tasks. It is estimated that people waste as much as 20% of their day reading emails. That is completely unnecessary and a waste of time. If you lose focus on a task for more than seven minutes, it can take you an additional fifteen to twenty minutes just to get back into that same zone that you were working in.

So with that in mind, you can check your email and read a dumb forward and lose a half hour or more of productivity. What is the solution then? Well, you time block. From the time you start working to the time you stop, you time block. This means that if I start at 8 a.m. then for one hour, I am doing one thing, or for half an hour or whatever designation you decide. You are not checking social media, web stats, email, you are not taking calls, nothing. You are focused and working. Then when that time slot is over take a small break and head into the next time block. It might be a good idea to do fifty five minute time blocks so you can schedule a short break at the end of each hour. You will be much more productive like this.

Remember you can time block everything to be much more efficient. You can time block certain tasks, homework, phone calls, social media time, self development, even time with your kids. When you are time blocked, that’s what you do. After 21 days of consistent time blocking, this will become natural to you and be how you deal with everything. I think the hardest thing for me to start time blocking was my phone calls because I want to be helpful. Trust me, if it is important they will leave you a message and you will save a lot of time over wasting energy and time.

The next section and equally as important to all of the time management secrets is the 4 box method of task prioritization. I will go into great detail in the next post that I write. I hope this has given you some great perspective and a good idea how to be successful in 2013 with your time management. I implement these procedures everyday and have been referred to as an efficiency expert guru of sorts. I have been able to complete the tasks of teams of people in hours. Use them and I am sure you will be met with similar successes.

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