At the New Year 2018 Mercury is still in its Retrograde Shadow until January 10th when it reaches 29º Sagittarius, the degree where it Stationed Retrograde on December 2, 2017. This means the new upgrades in your attitudes and thought processes during Mercury Retrograde are still coming online and being integrated.

At the New Year Uranus (the Awakener and higher octave of Mercury) is Stationed (not moving). Then, on January 2nd Uranus at 24º Aries Moves Direct. If you have one or more planets or points at 24º (or within 1-2 degrees) in any sign, but especially Aries, or the fire signs Sagittarius and Leo (which are forming a Fire Trine with Uranus in Aries) this time and throughout the entire year of 2018 you will have extraordinary opportunities to break free and realize your dreams.


March 22nd, Exact at 5:19pm PT - Mercury Stations Retrograde at 16º 54’ Aries

April 15th, Exact at 2:21am PT - Mercury Stations Direct at 4º 47’ Aries

July 25th, Exact at 10:03pm PT - Mercury Stations Retrograde at 23º 27’ Leo

August 18th, Exact at 9:25pm PT - Mercury Stations Direct at 11º 32’ Leo

November 16th, Exact at 5:33pm PT - Mercury Statins Retrograde at 13º 29’ Sagittarius

December 6th, Exact at 1:22pm PT - Mercury Stations Direct at 27º 18’ Scorpio

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