Mobile technologies have an increasing impact on the corporate world. Companies see them as opportunities for a new competitive advantage and are even ready to increase investments in mobile solutions by 70%.

The most promising candidates to implement corporate mobile systems are business sectors that rely on a large number of mobile workers or are connected with large scale customer service — trading, insurance companies, distributors, etc. Analysts predict an increase in the number of mobilized employees around the world in the coming years by at least 30-35%. Most countries have all the conditions and we expect increased business mobilization in the near future.

Today mobile technologies have an increasing influence on the corporate world. Companies un-derstand that enterprise product management provides them a competitive advantage, and ac-cording to experts, are ready to increase investments in enterprise mobility solutions.
In the article, we’ll review the top technological trends that influence enterprise mobility solutions in 2018.

Top enterprise mobility trends in 2018

1. The most advanced trading companies will begin to implement on their sites visual and voice search for enterprise application products and services. Companies will learn to better understand the desires of consumers, their interests, and intentions.

Analysts expect that ecommerce website profits will grow by about 30%, and also the push will be to attract new customers, improve customer satisfaction and increase market share. The demand for voice as-sistants will create a $3.5 billion market.

2. We can see the process of self-destruction of the largest IT companies. At least 5 out of 7 technological giants must start changing their business models and work in a completely new way. This applies to American corporations like Facebook, Apple, Amazon, and Google, as well as Chinese Alibaba, Baidu, and Tencent.

The companies influence will become so huge that it will be increasingly difficult for them to create new profit-making scenarios. To outpace po-tential competitors, corporations will have to drastically change their own markets and the enterprise game rules, with all the fallout risks.

3. The banking industry will increase their business costs by up to $1 billion due to using blockchain based crypto-currencies. Over the past year, the total cryptocurrency world market capitalization reached $155 billion. As soon as banks begin to apply new financial technolo-gies, the market will grow even faster.

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The experts advise all businesses, not just banks, to consider that soon digital money will reach the level of fiat money. Analysts recommend be-ginning reforming payment systems, changing the approach to collecting taxes and setting prices for goods and services now.

4. False information will surpass real information. This should be expected in countries with advanced economies. Companies will have to be more careful than ever before to track informa-tion about themselves in social media and quickly identify fakes.

5. The spreading of false information will lead to the improvement of tools for its creation. Artificial intelligence will allow producing fakes of such high quality that even another AI algorithm will not be able to recognize the fake. As a result, it will cause the "counterfeit reality" with generated fake images, videos, documents and even sounds. Modern generative neural networks already allow creating realistic simulations — for example, making video clips with the president's speech simulated.

6. More than 50% of enterprises will spend more money on chatbots each year than on enterprise application development. There will be a post-application era with virtual AI-assistants not tied to specific mobile programs. Very soon, chatbots will penetrate all spheres of communication between people.

7. 40% of IT staff will simultaneously have several skills and perform several professional tasks. At the same time, most activities will relate not just to technologies, but to business as well. Demand for IT professionals will drop, yet the need for multitaskers will grow in some sectors as well.

8. Artificial Intelligence will influence the employment market. Some tasks will be automated. At the same time, some industries like education and healthcare will remain untouched.

9. The Internet of Things (IoT) technologies will be used in most electronic devices. Moni-toring systems, smart sensors, and counters, as well as cloud systems, will become more ac-cessible, and consumers will increase the interest in IoT. For this reason, enterprises are expected to invest in IoT enterprise product development now and in the upcoming future.

10. Half of the security expenses in the IoT industry will be spent not to protect the corpo-rate systems from threats, but to repair the inevitable errors.

Possible enterprise mobility hurdles

The mobility of business requires significant financial costs

Business mobilization has already happened, and companies need to adapt to people’s life-styles, creating the appropriate working conditions. However, something is usually missing — companies usually lack the resources, tools and experience.

Today mobile app development companies california not only want but are also ready to implement mobile technologies as broadly as possible, offering new services to their employees and customers. However, the spontaneous enterprise product development process is full of pitfalls, and to solve them, companies will be required to put in the needed efforts.

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

A lot of companies still think the best course of action is the let their employees bring their own devices, and use them for company tasks. When employees use their favorite smart-phones and tablets it allows the companies to cut equipment expenses. However, at the same time, BYOD creates huge enterprise product management and security problems, which makes that company concept much less attractive.

Business representatives try to look for ready-made solutions to implement the BYOD and pro-tect user devices. In any case, it’s necessary to develop new methods to implement the BYOD methodology into companies.


Enterprise mobility has been a leading trend for several years, and it will become even more important in 2018. However, it will not be easy to implement some of the mentioned trends as there are still a lot of challenges to solve. Development experts need to do a lot to make them effective.

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