Confidence is the strength of your belief in your own capability to perform well, learn new skills quickly, reach your goals to succeed, based on your own measure.

Here is how it is possible for you to stand taller, both figuratively and literally. When you feel confident you stand taller. Use these top three tips on how to get more confident and if you want to also be taller, check out this guide to making yourself grow taller. The combination will make you unstoppable and a powerhouse entrepreneur, just like my startup hero Tim Ferriss.

Top business performers all say that a high level of confidence is the most critical psychological factor to their success. Because while you may possess the talent and skills to achieve success, if your confidence level is low you will not employ your skills to their fullest potential, shortchanging yourself and your business.

Being strongly confidence impacts you in many ways. When you are confident you will be more relaxed, focused and positive - all which positively impacts your ability to perform difficult actions to build your business and increase sales.

Conversely, if you are lacking in confidence you will be feeling negative emotions and be more stressed. Every day entrepreneurs are challenged by tough emotions such as worry about business expenses, uncertainty about the economy and fear of their companies future - all which erodes confidence.

So how can us business people, replenish and grow our much-needed confidence? If you struggle with self-confidence in your business and life, here are six actions that will help you stand taller and feel more confident every day.

Cara Alwill Leyba, author of Like She Owns the Place: Give Yourself the Gift of Confidence and Ignite Your Inner Magic, says of her entrepreneurial success, “Developing a strong sense of sustainable confidence is one of the key skill sets any entrepreneur needs as they navigate new waters and face the challenges building a successful business brings.” She found that finding her self confidence has been the crucial key to her successfully building her brand, Girl Code, over the last decade.


1. Forever Learn

Knowledge breeds confidence. Continuing to learn about your industry can really boost your sense of self positively. Keep abreast of trade shows, industry seminars and courses (locally and online) that address your areas of weakness that are screwing with your positive emotions and giving you doubt. Recently I took a great online course about Pinterest because I was totally intimidated by this social media. Now 2 months later, I am proud of my growing Pinterest following and feel good about this new traffic generator for my website which both is boosting my sales and my confidence. Win Win :)

2. Look Up not Down

Wrap yourself in good positive thoughts and energy and watch your productivity soar. You know that negativity can suck the life out of you and zap your motivation.

Cultivate a group of positive people, and organization, to surround yourself who will support your goals and dreams. They can help get you back on track on those days when you feel a bit down and also give you a friendly nudge towards the path to your highest achievements.

Perhaps you have good ideas, for new products or distribution, but fear has made you freeze. To break out of that ice block, take it baby steps at a time. I found that usually I was paralyzed from taking action due to one of these limitations; money, knowledge, and support. Discover which is your problem. Then devise a plan to shift this to your favor. You will quickly find that this will begin to change the tide on your projects in an upward direction.

3. Celebrate Your Accomplishments

Turn your vision to your successes and away from your failures and statemates. Take time to celebrate and congratulate yourself on your wins, even the small ones. Every time that you compliment yourself you are adding a brick to your strong wall of self confidence. Remember when you made your first sale! Whoo hoo. Continue to give yourself a pat on your back to remind yourself how smart, talented and dedicated you are to your company success. This will feel good and really boost your self confidence.

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Marsha Kelly sold her first business for more than a million dollars. She has shared hard-won experiences as a successful serial entrepreneur on her Best4Businesses blog Marsha also regularly posts business tips, ideas, and suggestions as well as product reviews for business readers. As a serial entrepreneur who has done "time" in corporate America, Marsha has learned what products and services really work well in business today. You can learn from her experiences from shopping the internet for tools, supplies, and information to build your businesses and improve lives financially.