In an age of westernization where more people are adopting fashion trends of the west, it’s refreshing to see Bollywood celebs sporting traditional kurta pajamas, sometimes with a twist. These trendsetters remind us that fashion is what you make it and one should never be afraid to take a page from tradition and contemporary style. If you’re eager to embrace your inner fashionista, here are a few kurta pajama trends worn by Bollywood stars.
Fitted Kurta Pajamas
Kurta pajamas are extremely comfy especially in warm weather. However, they can sometimes look unshapely if they’re loose-fitting. One way to maintain a stylish look is to go for kurta pajamas that fit to a T. Think along the lines of a slim-fit shirt and a pair of slim-fit pants. Look for kurta pajamas that have the same fitted look. It instantly smartens your attire and can make you look taller. Team your outfit with sandals or juttis or give it a western flavor with slip-ons.
Kurta Pajamas + Waistcoat
There’s nothing like a sleek waistcoat to lend sophistication to kurta pajamas. For daywear, the key is to keep it simple and fuss-free, a la Saif Ali Khan. As evening nears, you can switch it up with a jazzier waistcoat such as one that’s embroidered or has a metallic color. A sure-fire way to steal the limelight is to wear a white or beige kurta pajama set and finish with a red or gold-toned waistcoat. White also goes fabulously well with navy and green.
Western Flavour
Kurta pajamas may be traditional but that doesn’t mean they can’t be given a western touch. Channel your love for fusion fashion by pairing kurta pajamas with your favorite casual sneakers. Take inspiration from Punjabi singer, Diljit Dosanjh. He knows how to blend east and west with ease! You can keep your look even more casual by opting for baggier pajamas. If you want to stand out, there’s nothing better than accessorizing with a turban.
Color Matters
You can’t go wrong with classic colors like blue, cream and brown. They spell chic and go with any color. What’s more, with the right fit you can wear them in lieu of a western suit for special occasions. That waistcoat trend we mentioned earlier can come in handy too – you could dress up a navy kurta pajama outfit with a cream embroidered waistcoat or you could wear a fitted overcoat if the weather is chilly. You’ll look fabulous either way!
Asymmetry Rules
Kurta pajamas are never boring but sometimes you just want to push the envelope a little. One way to do that is with an asymmetrical kurta. It’s interesting, modern and can turn any ordinary kurta pajama into a head-turner. To make more of a statement, opt for a kurta in an attractive mustard color and team it with a pair of jet black dhoti style pajamas. It’s perfect for a wedding, a festive occasion and anytime you want to shake things up a little!
Trends come and go but kurta pajamas are here to stay. It’s not a cliché, it's a fact! Take cues from Bollywood icons to turn your kurta pajama attire into a showstopping ensemble!
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