Islam, the religion of flexibility endeavors the men several ways to praise the only Creator of the entire world. Allah Almighty, the greatest of all never leaves His man alone and indeed He is the best Acceptor so He SWT proffers us easy ways, regardless of one’s status, to stay connected with Him. One amongst these beautiful ways to stay connected with Him is the deliverance of Umrah. It’s a beautiful Sunnah of our Holy Prophet SAWW and is the best choice for those who cannot afford the expenses of Hajj in the current time of inflation.
Not merely Hajj, but Umrah is a massive gathering either. Though Umrah is not the largest gathering but still many pilgrims visit the loveliest site of the whole world during the resting months of the year. Travelling, moving, and living with a large flock must need some special care and protection to dodge any health issue. Health is a blessing and if you are blessed with this benediction then try to keep it and don’t be careless. While being with such massive gatherings, the things pilgrims take for granted would become troubling for them later. So, it’s better to be careful from the beginning. Here are some tips for you if you are going to plan Umrah this year. Follow the tips to stay healthy and get comfort living.
While being with thousands of pilgrims, you may take certain things for granted which actually harms you and must be taken care of. Use towel while circumambulating the Kabah and use tissues in flu. You touch many things containing many germs so don’t touch your nose, lips, and mouth without using handwash or sanitizer. First wash your hands and then touch something. Nose, lips, and mouth are the parts through which germs passes swiftly and would harm you the most. Wash the fruits or other such food before eating. Wash your Ihram after coming back to your hotel where you are staying and the clothes that are to be washed must be kept separately. Use easy sleepers so your feet wouldn’t get swollen as walking for a couple of hours makes your feet swollen. These are some of the basic tips which can save you and assists you in keeping your health.
Radically, the travel agency which you are flying thru is of best repute offering you best quality services. One of the basic aspects to consider in a package is the accommodation. If your budget permits you then it’s the finest choice to go with 5* Umrah Packages to live lavishly. But it’s not the matter of fact. It’s enough itself that you get a chance to visit the Holy Kabah regardless via which package you are enacting the deed. Intrinsically, every pilgrim wants to have the accommodation that lies near to Haram Sharif and this amazing offer is offered commonly in 5*Umrah Packages. Yet it may vary from agency to agency. If you are travelling with us then certainly our priority is just your comfort and we offer special deals to our beautiful clients and can offer nearest lodgings even though you book 3* Umrah Package or 4* Umrah Package. We are not just doing business to earn more and more. Instead, we are serving you as an Ibadah.
If you get a nearest or nearer lodging just within the walking distance, then you really get a comfy living as you wouldn’t have to travel long nor to walk. Then if you pick a 5* Umrah Package, you will enjoy complete luxury living. Economy packages (4* Umrah Packages) is also a good choice to come by as all the required items and necessities are offered in this package either.
Your packing plays a great role in how’s your time during stay. If your packing is proper keeping all the items after making a list then you could and would save your time. Take your own soap, scent, shampoo, brush, toothpaste, detergent, umbrella, towel, travelling bags, prayer mats, shoes, basic medicines, clothes, nail cutter, scissor, knife and other such basic things that are used in daily routine. If you take it all along with you then you don’t have to ask others for it there nor waiting for such things. Take it yourself and easily do what and whenever you want to.
The next thing which comes after accommodation is the food. But the point to be focused is the budget food and how to get that budget food during Umrah stay. Certainly, pilgrims want and are in search of budget food. There are few hotels in Makkah and Madinah serving amazing cheap foods. Some of the best cheap restaurants in Makkah encompass Albaik (offers halal fast food, lunch, dinner, brunch, and late night food and all the food is just served in $3 to $8), Hardee’s (serving Halal food, brunch, lunch and dinner), Feld D Saji ( offers halal food, breakfast, lunch and dinner), KFC (Halal food is available here and different hues of food includes American and fast food in Lunch, dinner and late night), Al Shorfa (that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner) etc. There are many other eateries and bars offering budget food in Makkah but these are the best ones.
Madinah also contains several bars and restaurants where you can easily find cheap food at. Some of the best budget restaurants of Madinah are Albaik (offers halal fast food in lunch, dinner, and late night), Brost Express (famous for its divine fried chicken with fries at very reasonable price), Al Habibi Shinwari (offers halal food in breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night), Abu Khalid Restaurant (the best one for Asians and Middle Eastern pilgrims. Offers lunch, dinner with brunch). There is a long list of cheap restaurants but food quality mustn’t be compromised just for the sake of budget. The above-mentioned restaurants are those which offer best quality food at very cheap rates.
Search about each aspect and all the requirement of Umrah during stay, before departing. When you are aware of everything then you wouldn’t have to look through any hardship. Prepare wholly for your trip to save your budget and time and have a wonderful experience at the holiest land.

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