Venus the world that signifies attraction, lust, courtship, comfort, automobiles, and societies are at its biggest point, which suggests it's in its happy place within the sign of Pisces from Feb 3rd until Feb 28th.

This move or transit is mentioned as exaltation, which essentially means the earth is placed during a sign when it can have the very best power to shower its maximum impact on you.

Significance of Venus in Pisces

Venus signifies comforts, our hidden appetites, pleasures of the bed and Pisces is that the natural 12th sign of the zodiac which is all about imagination and unconditionality, therefore Venus is extremely comfortable within the sign of Pisces.

Venus in Pisces may be a great time for relationships and indulgence in sensual pleasures, but we may need to take care of not overdoing it. We just need to remember that whatever goes up will need to eventually come down.

Moon sign is how your mind thinks and feels about things, i.e. this transit. it's the soul behind your identity. it's your subconscious side that you simply keep hidden and is that the drive behind your emotional reactions.

Aries– Venus rules your 2nd House and 7th House. this suggests you'll be tempted to spend, but consider before you are doing . it is a great time for spirituality - you'll find it easier to sink into deep meditation. it is a great time to donate to a charitable cause.

Taurus – Venus rules your 1st house and 6th house. this suggests it is a powerful time for you and will end in financial gains. you'll find an increases interest in socializing. it is a great time to plan goals and take steps towards progress. If you owe money to people or institutions it is a blast to repay. watch out for spending an excessive amount of on your friends or social activities.

Gemini– Venus rules the 12th and 5th houses in your chart. this suggests it'll bring good luck and opportunities in your career. you'll find that you simply spend some extra cash on polishing your skills set during this point.

Cancer– Venus rules your 4th and 11th house. this is often an excellent time to enhance things around your home. you'll want to upgrade your space. If you have been eager to learn something new spiritually or academically, now's the time to try to to it. Donating to places of worship or spiritual organizations during this point is often powerful.

Leo–Venus rules your 3rd house and 10th house. this suggests you'll be within the mood for research-related activities. it is a blast to review Ayurveda or astrology. Instability in relationships might be experienced, so tread carefully and do not overthink simple matters. Help people that are differently-abled in whatever way you'll.

Virgo–Venus rules your 2nd house and 9th house. this suggests if you've got been looking to urge into a relationship then now's the right time. If you're already during a relationship, its time to spend quality time together with your partner. If you are going through a difficult relationship a remedy would be to donate to a cause or help people that have an equivalent problem.

Libra– Venus rules your 1st House and 8th House. this suggests it isn't the simplest transit for you. Avoid unnecessary debates and issues with people that provide service to you, instead help them selflessly. it's an honest time to urge into an honest health/fitness regime. Tread carefully and with awareness and you will be fine.

Scorpio– Venus rules your 12th House and 7th House. this suggests its an excellent transit for love, love, and relationships, but at an equivalent time be aware of your spending habits. this is often an excellent transit to start mantra chanting which can further assist you to make the foremost of this transit.

Sagittarius – Venus rules your 11th House and 6th House. This means you would possibly be keen to enhance your home environment or update your car/bicycle. you will be in your happy place when you stick with your daily routine and maintain a healthy diet. Venus also gets directional strength within the 4th house. Make the foremost of this transit by helping women and motherly figures in your life.

Capricorn – Venus rules your 10th house and 5th House. this suggests your communication might be better during this point and you'll find it easier to precise yourself. it is a great time to start out writing a blog or to be more active on social media. Spiritual practices will assist you to make the foremost of this transit.

Aquarius– Venus rules your 9th House and 4th house. this suggests this transit can bring you good luck and opportunities in terms of finances and money. Your communication could also be better and improve. take care to not hurt people together with your words because it could eliminate the great effects of this transit. it is an enormous period to browse books on spirituality.

Pisces – Venus rules your 8th House and 3rd House. this suggests there might be some positive transformations within the way you think that during this point. it's knowing to avoid heated arguments.

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Sri Tulasi is an astrologer from India. She loves to write contemporary problems and their solutions in Astrology.