Facebook advertising has undergone several changes in recent years. Today, Facebook is used not just as a platform for exchanging or sharing messages. The social media platform offers brand new ways to deploy Artificial Intelligence alongside augmented reality. Another very important offering by FB that gives marketers the much desired competitive edge is the smorgasboard. 

The platform offers an endless number of resources with an infinite amount of content. It is a fact Facebook is shaped around world events that occur on a daily basis. Hence advertisers on Facebook have to stay in compliance with what’s happening at global, national and local levels. 

2021 Facebook advertising trends 

There are few things about Facebook advertising which have emerged this year. Considering the potential reach of FB, advertisers are taking this to their advantage in numerous ways. The latest trends in Facebook Marketing in Melbourne are mentioned below: 

The pandemic will have a long lasting effect 

Indeed the pandemic has brought upon a huge impact on the economy and according to reports the economic uncertainty is expected to stay high throughout 2021. However, it seems like FB usage too is quite high as more number of users are spending their time checking out on what’s happening on a leading social media platform like Facebook. 

Despite the rise in social media usage, market uncertainties are pausing businesses whenever they are asked to invest on social media platforms like Facebook. Thus, businesses need to adjust their FB advertising strategies based on a “case by case” basis. The pandemic is having a direct impact on how advertising should ideally be accomplished over Facebook. Marketers are urged to evaluate their overall marketing strategies. The way people see ads will be different from now on and hence strategies should be built around the current landscape only. 

How will eCommerce work? 

Although the pandemic has hit the economy badly, it seems like digital consumerism is continuing to grow with an 18% surge. With people staying at home their affinity towards online shopping has increased. After reading the trends, app development companies in Melbourne are urged to develop applications for consumers enabling vendors to sell their products online. 

Amidst such volatile situations we are also forced to witness scenarios where some businesses are experiencing sharp growth while others are facing the downsides of the landscape. 

Marketers thus need to focus on “new normal” trends adopted by consumers. Facebook advertisers need to be careful with their strategies. 

Facebook advertising costs are likely to be unpredictable 

Since 2020 CPC for FB advertisements have gone down. The unpredictable situations across the globe have made everything complex for the advertiser. Consumer behaviours have changed ever since the pandemic triggered chaos across the globe. Research is showing FB advertisements are boycotted by consumers. This has triggered questions, where vendors doubt the potential of FB ads. However, the advertising medium is assumed to create a tremendous impact on companies that are reliant on it. Companies adjusting and adapting Facebook advertising strategies are yet to face new competition. A majority of advertisers are claiming that they have designed their budgets with regards to the Covid 19 situations. 

The 2020 scenario turned out to be a chief indicator that consumers have the ultimate “power to demand” as a result of which advertisers can utilise social media platforms like Facebook to evaluate and implement marketing strategies. 

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The author works as a Facebook marketing specialist in Melbourne. In recent times the author has been shedding light on key areas involving social media marketing and related aspects.