I'd like to share with you some of the points that we cover in the Stress and Breathing, Burnout and Breathwork Seminars. This is a body-mind-breath approach to preventing burnout and for recovering from it. In the Chinese tradition we would say that we "regulate body, regulate mind, and regulate breath." 

At the seminars, we go more deeply and into more detail with each of these points; and we explore the practical exercises and techniques related to them. If you apply any one of them, be assured you will experience a benefit. Master a good number of them as many seminar participants have, and like them, you will find that burnout is a thing of the past!

21 Breathwork Tips and Techniques for Preventing Burnout:

  1. Question the idea of scarcity and drop your sense of limitation. One of the laws of nature and existence is "abundance." You are part of that nature and existence.
  2. Awaken to the source of your energy and learn to breathe in a way that strengthens your connection to it. Be conscious of that connection in all that you do, especially when working with others.
  3. Know that in reality the more you give, the more you receive. (This is not just a pretty philosophy: it's how energy works.)
  4. Re-awaken in yourself the unmanageable spontaneous energy that you had as a child. Only adults (adulterated children) suffer from burnout!
  5. Learn to use your breathing to generate energy at will. Be an ever-flowing source of aliveness. Fill yourself up and overflow with energy. (Don't just draw in energy from around you; draw energy up from within you.)
  6. Master the art of taking "minute vacations." (With practice, you can get more out of a few minutes of spiritual breathing than many people get from a weekend in the Bahamas!)
  7. Learn to use your breath to draw energy into your body and release tension at the same time. Learn to breathe in a way that both charges and relaxes you, that both strengthens and soothes you.
  8. Be more playful in life and relationships find a way to bring some playfulness to your work. (If you must be "serious" on the job, then at least balance it with a huge dose of playfulness and fun after work!)
  9. Establish breathing habits and patterns that automatically recharge and restore you. (Nothing works better than this at making you immune to burnout)
  10. Learn the "full yogic breath" and how to infuse every cell in your body with breath energy. (This is an art that will serve you to no end!)
  11. Master "De-Reflexive Breathing." Learn to mentally inhale while physically exhaling, and mentally exhale while physically inhaling. (Read that again. It is the essence of this ancient breathwork exercise, meditation, technique… also called Krishna's kriya yoga)
  12. Right livelihood: make sure that what you do is aligned with your purpose. (Burnout can be a wake up call to make changes in your life.)
  13. Drop energy suckers like judgment, resistance, and attachment. (these are big proven contributors to stress and burnout, and yet people insist on holding on to them!)
  14. Realize that everything is love, and that we live in an infinite ocean of love. (Begin to acknowledge and appreciate expressions of love: smiles, small gifts, friendly advice, even criticism… all expressions of love!)
  15. Free up blocked and stuck emotional energy by practicing forgiveness and gratitude. (Nothing will burn you out more than generating and holding on to negative emotions! Do the opposite and liberate yourself!)
  16. Don't resist your down cycles: they are a natural and necessary part of life and growth. (Don't waste precious life energy fighting your rhythms and cycles!)
  17. Identify and eliminate habitual muscular contractions—chronic physical tension. (On the most direct and practical level this eats up life force that you could be using in much better ways!)
  18. Learn to release your breath—master the skill of letting go of your exhale. (When you master this, you can let go of many other things, like pain, tension, anxiety, fear, disturbing thoughts, and the past!)
  19. Do your inner work: free yourself of guilt, shame, anger, resentment, etc. (Breathe these things out of your body and mind, out of your life… forever!)
  20. Learn the cleansing breath—the "coming home breath." (This is built on a natural reflex: the sigh of relief. This single skill can set you free in a moment. Master it!)
  21. Practice faith and trust. Remember that you are always already safe and free! (Don't let that toxic fearful doubting voice in your head lead you to believe anything else!)

I hope you take some of the tips to heart! And I hope you put some of them to work in your life!

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Author's Bio: 

Dan Brulé has studied and practiced breathwork with more than 80,000 people in over 40 countries since 1976. His travel and teaching schedule is posted at www.breathmastery.com.