The first segment in a six part series that I teach clients in both a seminars and personal consultation for overcoming disease and illness is stress management.

It is my personal belief that stress is truly the number one cause of most diseases, and illnesses. Of course there is a world of major contributing factors, but stress, in itself is truly the cause of these conditions.

Stress manifests itself from three distinct areas;
1. Home
2. Work
3. Internal

We can¡¦t always eliminate the source of our stress, but we can learn how to deal with it effectively.

First of all, I believe that nearly everyone out there truly knows how they should deal with their issues that cause the stress in their lives. However most people choose to go against their own instincts and intuition and become caged in a seemingly endless trap of emotions and guilt.

The first part of managing your stress is to start paying attention to your own instincts and intuition. After all these are the voices of our own inner spirits and our spirit guides. ¡§Listen, and you shall know¡¨.. Once you know and trust the validity of your own inner self, then you just have to gain the fortitude to follow through on your own advice.

A simple technique for learning this is when you are faced with a situation where you don¡¦t know what way to turn, or react, just ask yourself a simple question.

¡§If the best friend, I ever had, in the entire world I ever had was faced with the same exact situation, what would I tell them to do?¡¨

Then the tough part comes in. You have to take your own advice and follow through on it. Remember, your intuition and instincts come from Divine Wisdom.

The second part of this is a whole lot easier to do. It has to do with internalizing a simple phrase. The easiest way to do this is to have this following the Self-hypnosis procedure that I had discussed in the previous article. In that article I discussed the following:

Twenty-one Day Self-hypnosis program.

Step 1

Each night, when you are ready to go to bed, sit on your bed and place your hands in your lap, and breath in through your nose, and hold the breath for a bit¡K then exhale through an open mouth, and expend all the air inside you.. then hold.. and repeat this three times.

Step 2

Repeat the following phrase ten times.
¡§Every day, in Every way, I get better and better. ¡§
Count each time you say it by pressing a finger into your thigh, starting with your baby finger on the left hand, and continuing to your right hand.

Step 3

Immediately after you have completed the above procedure, you will say the following statement aloud.

¡§Every time I see the colour yellow
reminds me that I am:
„h calm
„h relaxed
„h and in control
„h of my mind
„h my body
„h and my soul

This you will also repeat ten times for the full twenty-one days, and you will be amazed on how strongly this will impact your daily life.

Managing your stress will greatly begin to help you gain mastery over your entire being, and begin affording you a much healthier and productive life.

Author's Bio: 

Rod Kelly holds a master's certification in hypnotherapy and focuses his practice on teaching other the art of self-healing. His new book, "The Empowerment of Self-Healing" will be relaeased in June 08.

He is the owner of a retreat and wellness centre in Northern Ontario where he conducts training and treatment for a wide range of medical conditions. He also conducts a series of seminars, ranging from two hours to a full weekend in duration, and is in the process of organizing a tour for his seminar series. For more information, please contact Eye of the Eagle.