Bill Cottringer

A worthy growth goal and improvement strategy, which builds a valuable sense of general wellness that leads to more success, is to carry out an action plan to give your mind, heart and soul more peace. Hear are 21 easy ways to have more peace of mind, heart and soul:


• Realize that peace of mind is not being free from noise, turmoil, conflict, chaos or uncertainty, but rather learning to remain calmer in the midst of these things, especially when you’d rather not.
• Be clear as to what your main purpose and priorities are in life and don’t let a day go by wishing you had lived those things more; do that now.
• Practice some sort of relaxation to deal with the physical and emotional stresses that create undue unrest in your mind; something is better than nothing.
• Get clearer on what legitimate sources of happiness you should approach more and which unhappiness sources you should begin retreating from.
• Look for some positive benefit from the next seemingly negative, uncomfortable event that confronts you.
• Quit wasting valuable time trying to understand and strategize reactions to the motivations of other people because even your own motivations are mostly unknown to you; there are far more important things to worry about.
• When you don’t have peace of mind don’t fret, view it as necessary to be more aware and appreciative of the peace that will inevitably come if you let it.


• Start listening more to the silent whispers of your moral conscience by gradually tuning out the noisy chatter of your psychological one.
• Give equal airtime between the things that tug your heart strings and the thoughts that preoccupy your attention.
• Let go to your inner voice and then track the results of listening to it with your choices the next couple of times.
• Identify someone you need to forgive and then soften your heart by apologizing sincerely and humbly asking for forgiveness; you can start with yourself.
• Look for the subtle ways you express a little too much pride and ego in what you know and can do and be silent about these things the next few times, especially not correcting someone you know is wrong.
• Stretch your ability to love unconditionally beyond your current reach.
• Expose some of your negativity and fears for what they really are in order to take the wind out of their sails.


• Make some effort to understand and accept one other person’s behavior or attitude that you don’t particularly like.
• Explore your natural creativity with ordinary things to see what important truths they reveal or how they can be used in newer or more unusual ways.
• Consider lightening up on your tendency to judge things harshly that you don’t like.
• Also consider questioning the validity and reasonableness of the expectation you have of other people; consider viewing their failures of not meeting your expectations as only disappointing themselves and not you.
• Find a way to express some compassion for someone who needs it, anonymously without wanting or expecting any acknowledgment.
• Let go and experience something new just for the heck of it; the soul always needs new experiences.
• Read a book on spiritualism and see how some of the insights line up with your religious beliefs, philosophy of life or firsthand experiences of living.

Any one of these practical suggestions will help you find more peace of mind, heart and soul and this is one of the few areas of life today where more IS better.

Author's Bio: 

William Cottringer, Ph.D. is President of Puget Sound Security in Bellevue, WA and also a business and personal success coach, sport psychologist, photographer and writer living in the mountains of North Bend. He is author of several business and self-development books, including, The Prosperity Zone, Getting More By Doing Less, You Can Have Your Cheese & Eat It Too, The Bow-Wow Secrets, Do What Matters Most, “P” Point Management, Life’s Lessons Summarized and Reality Repair Rx coming shortly. He can be contacted with comments or questions at 425 454-5011 or bcottringer@pssp.net