The world in the twenty-first century is a very dangerous place. We see natural disasters such as earthquakes tsunamis and floods and also man-made disasters such as wars and killings on a massive scale as well as damage to the environment all over the globe. The world is going from bad to worse and all of mankind is groping in the dark looking for a way to escape their plight.
They have- not suffer from the scarcity of resources being ravaged by malnutrition, famine, and infectious diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis.
Those with plenty suffer from chronic despair and unhappiness too despite the abundance, they face risks of depression alcoholism, drugs addiction and obesity to name but a few.
There is a pervasive sense of both helplessness and hopelessness and the future seems dark and ominous. Mankind is groping in the dark clutching at straws to escape their plight. Mankind is looking for beacons of light and rays of hope.

The teachings of Hadrat Sultan Bahoo are a magnificent source of guidance and inspiration for mankind in the twenty-first century and help towards establishing a tolerant purposeful pluralistic society. They are an immense source of strength in guiding Muslims in modern times in seeking peace with themselves their environment and with other human beings as well as seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT).
1. Leave the lower self behind - Jihad against the animal self and the devil:

A half curse upon the world and a full curse upon mundane Hoo
Those who have not spent on the path of Almighty, enraged punishment will obtain Hoo
It has fathers slaughtering their sons, damn your o worldly ploy Hoo
Those who have abandoned the world Hazrat Bahoo (R.A) spring gardens pleasure they will enjoy Hoo

The lower self or nafs e Amara pulls man down towards his baser animal instincts. This lower self is gluttonous inconsiderate and motivated by pleasure-seeking pursuits. It has no sense of right or wrong nor good deed or sinful one.
In addition to that, the devil is lying in wait to trap the humans and lead them astray and take them off the straight path straight into damnation forever in the hereafter.
And of course, there is the attraction of the world with all its materialistic pleasures again waiting to lure mankind off the straight path and into the marsh and morass from whence it is difficult indeed to escape.
Together with the trio of the lower self, the devil and the materialistic pleasures of the world try to keep mankind trapped in this vicious place, where life and let die are the norm and man is trapped at the level of beasts?
We see a significant number of people living at this level and they may not be even aware of their state.
We need to realize that we are not here for mere worldly pleasures and that we will be held accountable for our actions.

We need to begin to improve ourselves and start getting a roadmap to recovery from this position. We need help and those who seek will ultimately reach their goal. We need to raise our level of consciousness and reach out purposefully to create a better future for ourselves. We need to make a conscious decision to mend our ways and seek forgiveness and guidance from Allah (SWT) and indeed He is the Most Merciful and Forgiving.

The Prophet (SAW) said on one occasion from returning from a battle that we have left behind the lesser jihad (battle against the enemies) and are now preparing for the greater jihad (battle against the nafs and the devil). That is how important it is to overcome our lower nafs and better ourselves for this world and the hereafter.
2.Rise towards the higher self - Angelic nafs e mutma’enna
I have made my body and soul as the city, and actual suburb in the heart Hoo
The satisfaction I have attained when in heart, Alif dwelled, Hoo
I am hearing everything but all besides Allah speaking expelled Hoo

Compassionates had understood the hint ‘Bahoo’ but none sympathetic have humiliation on their head from start Hoo
But mankind’s history is full of heroic tales where man has indeed risen to a level on par with the realm of the angels. Man has sacrificed personal gains for a much higher cause. Man has helped fellow human beings and even raised the awareness and responsibility towards the whole of creation including the animals and plants and the ecosystem we occupy.

It is imperative for us to realize that mankind has a purpose on this earth. We are not here merely in pursuit of pleasure-seeking earthly life but for a much higher purpose. We are ultimately accountable for our actions and we should strive utmost in doing good deeds with higher motives. In doing so not only do we alleviate the suffering of others but also elevate our own status.
We need to be kind compassionate and considerate towards our fellow human beings. This is the case regardless of our race creed and color. Islam is a universal religion. Islam is for the whole of mankind and for all times.
We need to learn to share the resources at our disposal; to give kindly in charity to the poor, the needy and the downtrodden in our midst. There is vastly more pleasure in sharing our time, money and resources than there could ever be in hoarding this worldly wealth. Which will be of no use to us in the hereafter.

In Maslow’s theory of self-realization, the twentieth-century social scientist puts contribution to society as the apex of mankind’s achievement. It is in giving that man really achieves peace on earth. If we were true to this, we would have far more peace here on earth then we do at present.
Let us recall that Allah is merciful to those who are merciful to His creation

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Hadhrat Sultan Bahoo was a great Sufi Master who promoted a spiritual path to Allah which was adopted by desirous whose purpose of life was to attain Divine intimacy and unison by adapting the complete path of Sharia