It is an acknowledged fact that we live in an artificial environement built around a confusion of ideas and ideals - a modern day 'Babylon.'

However, peppered through all of our lives are Spiritual signposts that can guide us towards LIFE. These signposts are often mis-interpreted and mis-represented - but those that created them knew that a generation would arise on the earth that would sincerely seek their meaning and understand.

That generation is US and as more people understand the signs, they are learning to Drink from the Well of Be-ing that is hidden deep within each of us and also learning how to Kindle the Fyre of Life that secretly burns deep within each Hu-man Heart.

These thoughts are for the purpose of meditation on the signs left to us, that more and more people will awaken to the Fyre of Life within us.

It is my sincere hope that each person meditating on these Truths shall experience the Beauty Hidden Deep within each of us, which is the source of all Life, Beauty and Truth.

Thought 1

Poetry is the revelation of the essential Be-ing of oneself to the little self formed into words and expressed with the one breath of Spirit.

Poetry is the Breath of SELF emanating through consciousness when we turn our minds to the Truth of Be-ing.


Thought 2

According to the signs of the Zodiac, we are entering the age of the water-bearer, the age of Aquarius. Let it be known that the symbol of a man carrying water bears a deep mystical truth - that each has the Well of Living Water, of Divine Life within them. When one learns how to drink of this essence, then one finds life, not before.

IN LIFE there is No death.


Thought 3

The Pyramids have puzzled the race for millennia - yet their very name betrays the nature of the people that built them.

Pyra - fire
Mid - in the middle.

The pyra-mids are bequeathed to the race by the ancient adepts who had learned how to invoke the Holy Flame of Life within each person. This flame they called ‘Ra’, the Sun of God.

Scholars have mistakenly believed that Ra has alluded to the sun in the sky - it does not. When the sun centre - the 'solar plexus' - burns within your breast, then you will learn how to harness all the powers of the mind. Then nothing shall be impossible to you and your consciousness shall burn with the flame of life universal.


Thought 4

A Priest is one who bridges the world of appearances and the world of Spirit. When a Priest invokes the 'fountainhead of all Holiness' he is drawing on the inner Well of Divine Energy that flows within his own belly.

Through this invocation he is brought into the presence of the Father of all, whose Spirit charges the bread and wine which is then given to the people as a saving healing balm.

If there are no works, no healing, then there is no Spirit.

In time, each person will discover for themselves this fountain of life's breath within them and each shall be taught directly of the Father.

A Priest does not 'marry' because he is married already. For to become a Priest means to unify the opposites within oneself and become a bearer of the divine essence.

This is the purpose of a Priest, to draw on the divine energy and distribute it among the people. A Priest is ordained by God, not by men regardless of which authority they claim to represent.

A 'Priest' without the divine power is not ordained of God.


Thought 5

The water fountains that are seen in every major city in the world are a symbol of the fountain of et-ernal youth that flows deep within each person.

Nothing matters more than to contact this fountain of life and to be renewed by it.

Each person is created self-renewing and self-perpetuating, to participate in the divine flow of life that comes from within, is to be renewed fully and perpetuated in eternity.


Thought 6

The Sabbath is an eternal day - ever present - though many people’s minds are closed to it.

The 'festival of lights' is the celebration whereby the mind receives the illumination of Spirit and the intellect becomes spiritualised and charged with words of Divine Wisdom.


Thought 7

The world does not want the Truth. It wants knowledge that shall bring prestige and power and money. Truth means: 'for everyone,' and treats all equally.

The world accepts 'truth' only as long as it does not have to be affected by it. This is the sign that it is not Truth, for the world that receives the Truth shall be transformed by it and shall no longer be the 'world'.


Thought 8

In the world, you are divided by your differences, this is why you are called the 'world'. In the church you are united by your Spirit working to overcome your differences with the aid of pure Spirit.

The world and all its systems cannot find life; for it is divided and division and wholeness cannot co-exist.

There is NO PROBLEM on earth that we cannot solve in a few short years when we work together and mobilise our resources and apply ourselves to helping one another, sincerely with Wisdom, Love and Empathy - for these 3 are the signs of the real Church - those 'called out ones.'


Thought 9

If you wish to enter into life then seek the 'burning bush' - the Fyre of LIFE burning deep within your heart with every breath. For when it is aglow within you, all your fears shall dissolve and it shall be as though they had never existed.

The terminus of every human being is to secure the sacred Fyre that unknown to many, abides within every Heart.


Thought 10

The world by many is considered 'maya,' that is ‘illusion’ but it is not – more accurately it is a falsehood woven from a Truth this is why there is so much suffering.

If we are to manifest peace then each must begin the work to cast the evil from his or her own heart.

No greater task can each person undertake than to conquer the darkness within themselves and learn to bathe in the glory of the divine light of life.


Thought 11

The race partook of the 'The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil' and debarred itself from the 'The Tree of Life'

When we take the falsehood of the appearance of 'good' and 'evil' and learn to go beyond that to the GOOD that comes from the one source, then shall “death be swallowed up in victory”, then shall the race find life.


Thought 12

Everything that you do, or have done or will do is known by God already.

You have this time that you may know which you have chosen.


Thought 13

The 'resurrection of the dead' happens about when the inner being, the consciousness drinks of the water of life.

The Water of Life courses through the being until that day when it becomes the whole of being and the consciousness merges with the All. The resulting power is called ‘Light’ and ‘Salvation,’ which is preservation by Light. Light is the symbol for in-telligence, as the Light of the Spirit illumines the Heart and the Mind.

The LIGHT at the centr of every cell in the body radiates its Power and this Power, is the Holy Spirit - that which manifests the Life that is the Fullness of God.


Thought 14

The world lives according to its laws and the evidence of the eye; both are death.

The 'universal' (Catholic) are they who pass from personal to Universal Consciousness and learn to live from the heart, drinking from the well of living water within. Healing, and working for unity from which shall manifest peace.


Thought 15

There is but one power worth striving for in all the world, that is self - mastery.

Do not worry about anyone else's actions; they shall have their ‘reward’. The whole world is deceived into worrying about how others live and they are deceived to the grave.

Seek the source within YOU and rejoice in its glory; better and stronger and wiser is the one who rules their own Spirit, than the one who thinks he rules the country.


Thought 16

If you are waiting for the anti-Christ then wait no more for the anti-Christ exists within every heart. The selfish ego is 'satan' the 'devil' the 'anti-christ'.

If you are waiting for the Christ, then wait no more for the Spirit of Christ is ready to assist you as soon as you assist yourself. The Spirit of Christ is within US awaiting our recognition of it and expression of its Wisdom, Love and Empathy.

The ‘satanic consciousness’ makes many believe that it does not exist, otherwise how could it deceive almost the whole world into believing that they are living, when they are actually dead?

God is the source of being; strive to return to the source and the seeming powers of 'good and evil' will be dissolved, leaving the Good and True.


Thought 17

There is no pain, no hurt, no suffering, no illness, nor disease, that cannot be completely dissolved by the power called Love.

The Kingom of God is here and Now, it is not a 'place you go after you die.'


Thought 18

You are a seed of God sown in the earth.

Express that which you are and attain consciousness of LIFE.

Die to your selfishness, and allow the pain to awaken you to consciousness of the SELF - God.


Thought 19

The Garden of Eden is not a physical garden.

The Garden of Eden is the Garden of God.

When the race was cast from the Garden of Eden this means that we, the children of God were no longer aware that we are brothers and sisters, all children of God.

When each recognises the other as a child of God, then shall we enter the consciousness that we are One.

Then shall we return to the Garden of Eden; the Garden of God.


Thought 20

All mystery exists within; there are no more mysteries to those that kindle the flame of life within. All 'mysteries' are so, only to the ego, which is blind.


Thought 21

Love is the song that the Uni-verse (One Song) was created to sing and sing it loud it shall.

Life is a form of Fyre, ITS ONLY FUEL IS LOVE. Everything that is not Love, shall be purged from the face of the earth.

Do not be deceived by the 'love' of the ego, for the ego cannot know Love.

The GREATEST among the Children of God shall be the servant of ALL - there is no hierarchy in the Kingom of God. The servant speaks Words of Truth, those that accept the Words of Truth shall LIVE.


Thought 22

The world was not created to be destroyed by the violence and greed of ignorant men. Even they when they hear that they have the perpetual flow of life within them shall seek its presence.

Then shall they 'beat their swords into ploughshares'...


Thought 23

Heaven and earth shall pass away but the teaching given to THIS generation shall never pass away.

NO ONE can enter into life for you or have any authority over you - Choose LIFE.

Author's Bio: 

Pioneer for the Freedom of the Hu-man Spirit. Teacher of Applied Meta-Physics, the Science of Be-ing and Knowing.