Delhi is renowned for its historical and cultural heritage sites and buildings. It is also known for its hair clinics. Delhi is the center for hair restoration - complete hair transplant for a fully bald head to hair loss treatments for partially bald heads. Because of this, you no longer need to fear or be ashamed of baldness. Get your fix for baldness at the Delhi hair clinics now.

Come to Delhi for Hair Treatment

All the best hair surgeons in India are in Delhi. You get the best Hair Transplant in South Delhi hair clinics. Fix your appointment with the hair experts today to begin treatment at once. The faster you get a cure for your baldness, the better it is for you. You will get more respect at your workplace and more opportunities will come your way. Be sure to seize your chance now.

Cost of hair Grafts for a Transplant

Hair transplant is a tedious, time-consuming process. The cost of the hair transplant is determined by the number of hair grafts you need. According to the Hamilton-Norwood scale of baldness, a person begins to lose hair is classified as being Grade 2 bald. The person who has lost all the hair on the top of the head is a Grade 7 bald person. A person who has a hairline that is completely receded is Grade 3 bald. Each of these persons will need different amounts of hair grafts. (Remember, each hair graft costs 30-40 INR).

A person with minimal baldness will need 1500-2000 hair grafts. A completely bald person will need 5600-6000 hair grafts. For a person with a receding hairline, the number of hair grafts needed is 2750-3250. Now, the time needed also varies. We can accomplish 1500 hair grafts in one sitting. If you need 3000 hair grafts, this will take at least two sittings. The minimum time between two sittings is three to four months. This will give hair time to grow completely.

Use of Hair Loss Treatments

For people with partial baldness, hair loss treatment methods will work fine. Derma Roller therapy is recommended for those who have a small hair loss. This loss happens because of improper nutrition and growth conditions of the scalp. Using Derma Roller, vital nutrients and vitamins get injected into the scalp so that hair begins to grow again. If there is a complete loss of hair, mesotherapy is recommended. Here a mixture of vital ingredients and vitamins necessary for hair growth is injected into the scalp.

Treatments take time

You will need two to three treatments to get good results. It will take about a year since each treatment is spaced from the next by 3-4 months. This allows the hair to grow well. You could also choose the laser therapy method if your scalp condition is not good. The laser heats the blood vessels beneath the skin and expands them. We see increased blood flow that results in the removal of blockages and improving growth.

Guaranteed Hair Growth

Your hair comes guaranteed for 25 years. But, because it is an expensive proposition, it is right to take your time and consult your friends and family before making the decision. Check the installment options present so it will help you. Once you have decided, do not delay further. If you have to get your hair back, it is right to begin now.

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