Do you ever feel like you're the main character of a country and western song? Your rent is overdue, you hate your job, the truck broke down and now your doctor says you've got diabetes. Yee-Haw! No wonder we are stressed to the max.

Just to clarify, your body communicates with itself using chemical messengers called hormones. Several organs in the brain and body produce hormones that flow to other organs through the blood where these messages are received and the corresponding organ responds by producing another hormone that fixes a problem detected by sensors in your nervous system that alerted the brain in the first place.

Insulin is a hormone. It chemically dissolves sugar molecules in the blood so that they can be converted into the energy that powers the heart, organs and muscles.

Diabetes comes in two types. Type one is usually hereditary. The autoimmune system in your body goes haywire and attacks the cells in your pancreas that produce a hormone called insulin. Without the sugars being broken down you won't have much energy.

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Type two diabetes is caused by the pancreas not producing enough insulin hormone even though the brain keeps signaling it to. If you have a faulty pancreas you are at a higher risk of type two diabetes and need to take steps now to not aggravate the situation. It is unfortunate to have either type one or type 2 diabetes, but if you have type 2, you are at an advantage because you can actually stop diabetes from attacking your body by implementing your own plan of attack. But first I'll explain why it is so vital that you pledge to take charge of your health from this day forward.

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of blood vessel disease and heart disease giving you two to four times higher a chance of dying from heart disease. Another shocking fact is that people with diabetes have a sixty percent higher chance of having one or both limbs amputated.

Your first priority should be to plan for thirty minutes of exercise in your day. Exercising with diabetes is literally giving your body physical medicine as working out with diabetes can actually help to stabilize your blood sugar. Your body also has receptors in them and if you are overweight, the receptors that help normalize your blood sugars don't work properly. So weight loss and increased activity is a must. The benefit of physical medicine? Side effects include more energy, stable blood sugar, improved circulation, longer lifespan and you get to keep your legs. In the case of diabetes, it really is use it or lose it. As an occupational therapy practitioner, I often find the biggest challenge is motivating my patients with diabetes to exercise. Sadly some don't take the advice and eventually I am called upon to teach them how to use a sliding board transfer from their wheelchair to their bed because they no longer have legs. Use your arms, use your legs, and get your circulation going!

Diabetes is a silent killer and slowly attacks your body without you even realizing it. When diabetes advances even further, you can lose your eyesight. The choice is so simple. Eat right and exercise. Make sure to choose exercises that don't involve isometric movement - these are exercises where you tense up a muscle and don't move your joint. Whether you have diabetes or pre-diabetes, a fitness and nutrition plan is crucial. If you have pre-diabetes you can make the right choice now to to not be one of the 800,000 new cases diagnosed in the US each year. That's 91 people every hour. The more you exercise with diabetes, the less dependent your muscles are on insulin so even if your pancreas isn't producing much, that's OK, it doesn't need to. Working out when you have diabetes keeps your blood sugar and body in balance. Since exercise controls diabetes from attacking your body, exercise is a must when you have diabetes. I've never had a patient tell me they enjoy their blindness or amputation.

So keep your mind on the bright side of things and don't become the subject of a sad country and western tune. You can live a full and active life after all. Yee haw!

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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Diabetes is one of the most widely known diseases in the world. It is a condition where your body cannot control the level of the blood sugar and will lead you to many complications. Today, the patient of diabetes has reach 2.8 percent of the world population or 171 million people. It is estimated in the 2030 the number will increase to 4.4 percent or 366 million people around the world which is just a little more than the current population of America.

Diabetes has become a common disease. It can happen to anyone from old to young even to the children. Diabetes case in children is usually a rare one, but today in the United States you will found a large number of children who are developing type 2 diabetes. This is a very dire situation.

A person with diabetes will not only have a high glucose problem. These people will also have a problem with their life. Many of the will feel stress and depressed since they know that they will carry this disease for their entire life.

But you know, diabetes will probably not going away from you, but it does not mean that you cannot live as good as other normal people do. In fact there are many people from many fields such as athlete or actor or scientist who have found success despite the fact that they had diabetes. Do you know Thomas Alva Edison? A man with the inventive power, or do you know Elizabeth Taylor, one of the most beautiful actresses in the movies. Those two people are diagnosed to have diabetes but it never stop them to reach their dream in their life. Another public figure is the famous comedians, Jackie Gleason who is memorable for his motto, "How sweet it is!" and Jerry Lewis who never lost his sense of humor because of diabetes.

In the business world, Ray Kroc has successfully expanding his Mc Donald while wrestling with his diabetes. In the Sports field you will see someone like Mike Sinclair who, during his career as a national football player, get a three time pro bowler, or someone like Joe F who could knock out his opponent in the ring despite his diabetes.

Diabetes should not stop you from doing what you want to do with your life. If you follow the rules of diabetic care from your doctor, you can live your life normally and even healthier than those who live without diabetes but addicted to smoke, gluttonize, and those who do not like exercise.

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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I started buying fresh lemons by the bag after I found out how they can help cure diabetes. They are quite literally a miracle from Mother Nature! I have always loved fresh lemon but now I make an extra effort to eat lots of them. In fact, I believe lemons should be an important staple in every diabetic diet.

Lemon Lowers the Glycemic Index of Other Foods

Research has shown that lemon lowers the glycemic index of any food it is added to. And... we are not talking a few points here. The drop is very significant! To benefit from this, all you have to do is add a little squeeze of fresh lemon over your food. Almost like waving a magic wand, this will instantly lower the glycemic index of your meal. Best of all, lemon is such an excellent flavor enhancer, it makes many foods taste better too. I often add a squeeze of fresh lemon to a hot bowl of soup (yum!), casseroles, stove top goulashes, almost any kind of salad (including salads containing fruit), and sauteed vegetables (especially greens!). Anything with chicken or fish of course tastes especially good with lemon. Please note that it is best to add the fresh lemon right before you eat the food. If you cook it in soup, for example, it can become a little bitter and the health benefits won't be quite as great.

Have A Glass of Lemon Water First Thing In the Morning

A glass of lemon water is the perfect way for a diabetic to start the day. Most people start their day with coffee (very acidic) and food that shift the pH of the body toward the acid side. However, if you shift the pH back toward the alkaline side, you will notice your blood sugar will go down. Moreover, your cell membranes will become more sensitive to insulin - i.e. you will be LESS insulin resistant. In fact, this will actually aid your body in repairing those damaged cell membranes.

Although lemons contain a weak acid, when they are metabolized by the body they have an alkalizing effect. If fact, they are the strongest alkalizing food you can eat! This is why adding lemon to your diet can go a long way toward restoring the pH of your body to the alkaline side where it should be. It has been found that most diabetics have a very acidic body pH (as have cancer patients). Bringing back to the alkaline side will go a long way toward helping to cure your diabetes.

Making lemon water is very easy. Just squeeze the juice from a half lemon (or a full lemon if you are a larger person) into a glass of water, swirl it around a little, and drink it up. Do this first thing in the morning on an empty stomach before you have your coffee or breakfast.

Lemons Have TWICE the Vitamin C As Oranges

This was a fact that surprised me as you always hear that orange juice is so loaded with vitamin C. Well, the orange's citrus cousin has it beat with twice the vitamin C. Most people don't realize but vitamin C is an extremely powerful antioxidant. It is important to note that vitamin taken in the form of food is MUCH better absorbed by the body than vitamin C taken in the form of a pill!

Vitamin C is at least part of the reason lemons interact with the cell membrane and make it less insulin resistant. However, vitamin C also have other very important benefits to the diabetic as well. For example, it increases the production of collagen which strengthens blood vessels. This is key since many diabetics have problems with circulation and arterial damage.

Aids In Repairing Digestion

Most diabetics have impaired digestive enzymes and lowered acidity in the stomach. This means that they don't always reap the full benefit from the nutritious food they eat. Lemon goes a long way toward curing this problem as well.

A Complete Step By Step Guide To Curing Diabetes Naturally

Don't let anyone fool you. It is possible to cure type 2 diabetes. I cured my diabetes! I went from a HgAC1 of 10.6 to less than 6 (my last reading was 5.2) in less than 6 months and I've been able to keep it that way. When I was first diagnosed, they were giving me insulin and then they wanted me to take a variety of prescription drugs. I finally said, "NO!" and I shopped around to find another doctor who would support my efforts to cure my diabetes naturally.

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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If a "magic pill" cure for Type 2 diabetes existed, we would love to discuss it in-depth. But unfortunately, it doesn't. The closest we can get to a cure is an intervention that would most likely involve drastic changes in the lifestyle of a person with Type 2 diabetes. But some people don't want to hear about lifestyle changes and do not want to know about its existence. But good nutrition and moderate exercise are even more efficient in people age sixty and older than in younger people.

The last thing you need, however, is a pessimistic approach. Whether you are seeking to treat your condition or not, it is wise not to allow a sense of gloom take over. High and unstable blood sugar levels can be surprisingly deadly, especially for the unprepared. But even knowing this, you should not get down on yourself. Even if the days of being lean and completely healthy are behind you, motivated people who start making lifestyle changes can reap tremendous health benefits almost immediately.

Long-term change can be difficult: this is why it is smart to seek help when you need it. It is hard work to reverse obesity and bring your blood sugar down to a healthy range and keep them there, but if it took ten years to become overweight, it will take some time to recover the slim body you had ten years ago. And even when you lower your blood sugar levels through healthy eating, you may not regain the complete health profile you had as a young adult. But that's okay. You have to focus on what you can control. And it is entirely in your hands to do what is necessary to be a healthy 45 or 55-year-old, or whatever your age may be.

You see, what is most important is to be optimistic. If you are not the type of person who sees a glass of water as being half full, you must work at changing that. You need to see the positives and avoid dwelling on the negatives. You can certainly acknowledge the latter, but only as a means of helping you address your issues.

What we mean by this is despite your current circumstances, there is a way out. Type 2 diabetes can be managed and treated successfully. Weight loss is doable for everyone. If you commit to making changes to your food choices and add physical activity to your day, you will overcome the issues with both your blood sugar and weight. But only if you persevere.

Being optimistic can help you through your struggles. Don't get down on yourself. View shortcomings as learning experiences. And stay with your goal because your goal is worth achieving.

Although managing your disease can be very challenging, Type 2 diabetes is not a condition you must just live with. You can make simple changes to your daily routine and lower both your weight and your blood sugar levels. Hang in there, the longer you do it, the easier it gets.

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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A big majority of the patients with sugar problems are often patients suffering from diabetes type 2. Even though diabetes care for type 2 diabetics has often been taken as a serious issue and a lot of finances spent in the process, the condition can be managed by alternative diabetes care plans that do not necessarily involve spending too much money in the process.

Any form of diabetes care is determined by the nature of the patient and the type of diabetes in question. This type 2 sugar disease is often caused as a result of the body's inability to produce sustainable amounts of insulin.

I this case however, it should be understood that the pancreas is not the primary source of the problem. In fact, the pancreas may still be producing the hormone yet the problem exists. The point is, the body in this case has actually developed a resistance to the insulin hormone and no longer responds as is required in a normal system.

The Root Cause

Those who are involved in diabetes care should understand that diets play a large role in causing diabetes. As you take large quantities of carbs a lot of glucose is generated in the body which are channeled into the bloodstream. At the beginning the pancreas will be producing insulin hormone in large amounts to cater for the high levels of glucose produced into the bloodstream. With time though, the high levels of insulin in the blood prompts the body to develop a resistance to the insulin hormone.

It is this insulin resistance that often causes the high sugar levels in the blood even while the pancreas is continuing to secrete insulin. The insulin receptors of the person who suffers type II diabetes will generally be less sensitive. The hormone is being produced, it exists inside the body of the sufferer, however that amount which is being produced is considered as being less than what the body actually needs in order to facilitate sugar absorption.

This abnormally high need renders the pancreas incapable of keeping up with the requirement. Type 2 diabetes care and treatment plan therefore will require intake of a specific insulin dosage that is prescribed by your doctor along with a considerably healthy diet and plenty of consistent physical exercises.

Alternative Type 2 Diabetes Care

With this type of the disease, you may not necessarily depend on medication for its care. You can reverse the condition simply by using foods that lower blood sugar, which may as well help prevent you from getting the disease in the first place. Before you resort to any foods that lower blood sugar as an alternative treatment, you should always consult your doctor to guide you on the diets that will be most effective for your situation. Mix that with adequate physical activity and you may just have a way out of your sugar disease.

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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Type 1 diabetes account for about 10 percent of the total number of diabetes patients, with type 2 of the disease on the other hand claiming the largest percentage at around 90 percent of the total number of cases reported.

Diabetes care for patients with type 1 of the disease is a little different from the diabetes care given to type 2 diabetics. This is basically as a result of the difference in causes of the two varieties of the ailment.

People who are suffering from Type I diabetes will be having pancreases that are producing insulin hormone in insufficient amounts not able to sustain the insulin needs of these individuals. This condition is often as a result of damage caused to the cells inside the pancreas that are responsible for the secretion of this essential chemical substance. At times, these people may be having their pancreases produce no insulin at all. Bottom line is, the level of insufficiency of the insulin hormone secreted by the pancreas depends on how much damage has been caused to the organ.

The exact cause of the damage often caused by the body's immunity mistaking these cells for foreign materials is yet to be established. Existing information however point to heredities and certain inherent disorders as some of the causes of the condition.

Role of Insulin in Diabetes Care

Without insulin, the levels of blood sugar will rise. This is because insulin often performs two functions with regard to blood glucose, one, it unlocks the cells in your body to take in the glucose for energy metabolism. Two, the hormone encourages the conversion of the excess glucose into fats which are inert.

Without hormone insulin, the cells will have no mechanism to accept the needed glucose. This is what consequently results in the glucose staying in your bloodstream given nowhere to go. While you continue eating meals, more sugar is generated and directed into the bloodstream which in turn causes the glucose levels to be on the rise.

Treatment and Diabetes Care for Type 1 Cases

Diabetes care among type 1 diabetes cases requires a plan aimed at maintaining healthy levels of glucose to avert the complications developed over time. Treatment therefore involves administering the patient with insulin as prescribed by their doctor. Specific doses are taken regularly throughout the day.

The person suffering from Type I diabetes also needs to change their diet, and check the amount of sugar that goes in. their diet is mostly prescribed by their doctor and should be strictly followed as part of the diabetes care program. Those who are reported to make drastic changes in their diets to accommodate the doctor's directives and incorporate regular physical activity into their sugar disease treatment plan greatly reduce the required amount of insulin that is essential for the maintenance of a healthy body.

Can your diabetes be cured? Is it possible to normalize your blood sugar and stop all medication?

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