I want to talk with you about one of the most impactful, powerful, and highest leverage things that you can do to make this year a success.I’m talking about something that all of the top performers in any field do. I’m talking about a coach. Someone in your life, whether it’s a mentor, a friend or I would actually recommend hiring and paying for a coach to help you live your life more prosperously.

There are two reasons why it’s so important to get a coach to help in achieving your professional and personal goals:

1. We have found it’s impossible to be qualified to do something that you have never done, unless you get help. Albert Einstein said that we cannot solve problems on the same level of thinking that created those problems in the first place. Think about that for a second. That as people, and as a community, we cannot solve problems on the same level of thinking that created them in the first place. That means to solve a problem, you must elevate your thinking. A coach will provide the experience and perspective for you to do this.

2. A coach provides accountability to actually do the things necessary to reach your goals. When you complete a task, your coach will be able to give you feedback on your execution and results so you can be constantly improving.

How does this translate into you and your goals for the rest of the year? Unless you’ve done something, you simply don’t fully know how to make it actually happen. For example, if last year you made $50,000 and this year you want to make $100,000, but you have never made $100,000 before, guess what? I don’t mean to be mean, but you are not qualified to create the plans to make $100,000 because you have never done it before. You need to get some education. You need to get some help from somebody else simply because having those eyes on your business will give you the knowledge and confidence to actually go out and achieve those goals. Without this extra assistance, you goals will be a wish you wish would have happened.

The big objection is that some people, maybe even you as you are reading this, get their ego involved. It is hard to admit that “Hey, I need some help. I need a coach.” By the way, I did and let me ego get the better of me.

One of the things that help me get over my ego is to understand something that I said at the beginning of this article. Every single top performer, in any field, especially in high profile fields, has a coach.

You think about guys like Tiger Wood and Michael Jordan, the best ever in their respective games, and they were well known for having very strong relationships with a coach. Think about anybody at the top of the entertainment field, the top actors, the top musicians – they all have coaches.

So why would you NOT want to do it like the very best in the world? The highest paid, highest performing, highest level people all have coaches. I would highly encourage you in the coming year to find somebody who can act as a coach for you.

Here is the second objection people have for not working with a coach. It is time consuming and oftentimes expensive. But, guess what? It is the best thing for you in the whole world.

If you’re really serious about finding a coach, I would be happy to talk with you. You can reach me at 888-233-0407 ext 104 or email roger@deliverfreedom.com. We have an excellent program here at Freedom Personal Development that we call the PACT Program – 12 weeks of one-on-one coaching that has seen tremendous results in people’s lives we have worked with. But if you don’t want to go that route, find somebody else. There’s zillions of coaches out there. Get one this year. You will be amazed at how your results improve.

Be Free!

Roger Seip
Instructor (and coach)

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