I am often asked “how do I know what to look for” so that I can have better Law of Attraction results? I believe that there are two key points to assure that your business has massive Law of Attraction results growth. Look at what kind of business you are in now and see if these two reasons are relevant to you. First, ask yourself if the product or service is well-matched to the needs of the current economic market? We have all had to make some adjustments to our businesses to ensure they are constantly thriving in this new economy. That means that your clients want it, need it, can afford it, and are willing to buy it now. Next, careful market analysis should be done to ensure that you have a big enough niche and market to service and sell your products to. I find that some solo-preneurs pay very little attention to whether or not there's a market before the service or product is offered. They want to improve their Law of Attraction results and grow their business, yet they are focusing on what they think the market needs, rather than knowing what it needs.

Some good questions to ask you are “With this new product or service, is there a market?” This is a very key question. “Will people buy it? Is the market large enough and concentrated enough so that you can sell enough of the product or service at a high enough prices to make manifest and have all of the clients and business that you want?”

Another question is, “Who is the client and why will they buy from you? Why do they buy and what benefits are they looking for?” Before you can start your attraction plan for more business and clients you will want to know if what you are providing is in demand.

Here's another question with regard to examining your market. “What other products or services are available to the same client that you would like to attract? How is your product better in a meaningful way, to the other product or service being provided by your competition?”

While you are improving your Law of Attraction results what does your financial picture look like? Are you finances in harmony with where you want to go? It is crucial to have an understanding of your numbers and accounting. Remember, while practicing the Law of Attraction tips, strategies, and formula’s that are available, you want to be on top of your financial situation.

Here are some things you can do now.

Practicing the Law of Attraction and improving your Law of Attraction results will ensure that your business continues to grow profitably month after month.

I encourage you to be completely honest with yourself about the product or service contribution that you are bringing to the world. Be sure that there is a big enough market to sustain you so that you can sell profitably to your ideal clients and have a thriving business. And if there isn't, find a different product or a different market as fast as you can. After all, how can you attract more of what you want if you don’t have the right service or product?

Next, think about your ideal client and target market all the time and why your ideal client would or should buy from you. Inaccurate client breakdown is a key reason for business failure, and a lack of Law of Attraction results while accurate ideal client identification is one of the major reasons for business success, and massive Law of Attraction results and growth!

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