Regardless of where you are in your business, you want to continue to grow. Even if your business is good, you want to move it to great. In this blog, I discuss the 3 activities that I believe can achieve that.
• Create a Language
• Design a System for Incredible Experiences
• Create a Forum for your Customers

Have you created a language around the way that you conduct your business? Apple is an amazing company that has done this. They have made sure that people use the words and understand the language around the way they do business. If you can train around your own language and induct it into your business, you will be seen as being more valuable.

Design an incredible experience for each customer interaction. For the 91,000 customers of my money service business that we served last year, each is tracked and evaluated. We judge ourselves on how well we do on every transaction. We recognize customers don’t come to us because they want us to cash their check; they’re coming to us because we make them feel a sense of honor, we respect their engagement, and in many cases we’re the nicest people that they’re going to meet that day. You can create something similar as you design an incredible experience for your customer, every customer that you have at every single point.
Finally, create a forum for your customers to share their experiences and then begin to defend your brand. It can be an addition to your website in the form of a web forum or it can be a customer comment box that they can physically leave notes.

I suggest you study Apple as the company that has done this in an amazing way. They not only created a language around their business, they’ve created an incredible experience for their customer interactions and then they give their customer’s a forum to share their experiences and defend what they do.
How do the things I discussed today work in your business? If you already have some of these in place, share your experience and what it has meant to your business.

Author's Bio: 

Hugh Stewart was born in St. Andrew, Jamaica and at the age of twelve came to the United States with his family. His education is both diverse and substantial. He has two degrees from the University of Miami; an undergraduate and a graduate degree in Mechanical Engineering. He is also a graduate of the Strategic Coach® program and is currently enrolled in the Strategic Coach® Masters Program.